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MediaShop Article: MediaShop prepares for the future of DRTV


DRTV 2.0 – MediaShop prepares for the future of DRTV

What will DRTV look like in 5, 10 or 15 years’ time and how can DRTV companies prepare for it? This question concerns us all, since our world is becoming more and more digitalised and connected. Social media, mobile devices and the changes in viewer behaviour regarding linear television will have a direct effect on our business model, so it would be negligent of us not to prepare for it in good time. MediaShop has a clear strategy for the future, but it means the mindset of every employee is going to have to change and the company’s infrastructure is going to have to be adapted if this strategy is to be put into practice.

Creativity as a core asset

DRTV has always survived on creativity. The creativity of continually finding new products that can solve problems, the creativity of making these products appealing to a TV audience and the creativity of explaining products that require an explanation simply. This creativity will be the greatest asset in our industry if we are to continue to play an important role in a changing environment in the future. In the e-commerce sector in particular, however, it will be necessary to keep customers happy with frequent new content that captivates them. This means we need to improve, because we’re going to have to be bubbling over with ideas every day. If new ideas are to be developed, we need the right team and the team needs the right working conditions, because ultimately we are dependent on our staff – more than ever.

The planned new MediaShop Headquarters which is designed to become an interactive oasis for a creative team.

A desk, a keyboard and a monitor won’t suffice

There is no one solution to these challenges, only a multifaceted strategy. By deciding to construct a new company building and make this building an interactive oasis for a creative team, we have laid the foundation. An open-plan layout, various meeting rooms, quiet areas where staff can take time out, a creative laboratory, large social areas and an impressive lobby for internal presentations and announcements are all components of this new strategy. A building can only provide the right working conditions, however, having the right corporate culture is the key to success. MediaShop has always been committed to having a flat organisational structure, so that employees find it easier to identify with the company. Opportunities to enjoy flexitime and working from home, fresh fruit and vegetables every day, sporting and social events, and good internal communication, which will be improved when a new intranet is set up, are further elements of the strategy. Creativity cannot be forced; it has to be allowed to bloom by being given room to develop.

DRTV 2.0 can come. MediaShop is ready for it!