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Studio Moderna Article: How Smart Content Can Bring Old-fashioned Technology Back to Life and Make it a Best Seller

After years of being only a background daily life necessity, cookware came into the spotlight along with numerous cooking shows that popularized cooking beyond every expectation. This actually shouldn’t be a surprise as food has never been only a physical need. Food is deeply connected with emotions and as every marketer knows that people buy goods based on their emotions, we’ve decided to take advantage of that.

The campaign leaflet

When launching Delimano Stone Legend, our new cookware line, a merge of traditional and modern cookware technologies, we knew immediately that the line is a perfect match with traditional Slovenian cuisine as it combines enamel, once a very popular material in cookware and the latest technology real stone coating. We wanted to show our customers that enamel is still a trustworthy material but now enriched with modern non-stick coating that makes cooking nostalgic yet significantly easier and in order to do that we launched one of the best product campaigns in the brand’s history. This is our success story which proves that content is king:

Lojze Čop, professional chef and owner of a traditional Slovenian village inn is the face of the campaign

Chef Lojze with grandmamas Jožica (left) and Vida (right)

Lojze Čop is a young, attractive, charismatic, and skilled chef who spent most of his youth in the kitchen with his grandmother. Traditional Slovenian cuisine became the love of his life and he successfully runs his own village inn, offering good old traditional food. His granny Mici, who still loves to occasionally join him in his kitchen, has used enamel cookware for decades so we couldn’t find a better team to represent our product!

With a perfect team for our content driven campaign we only needed an idea how to execute the campaign. Considering the fact that cooking shows in Slovenia are very popular, to have our own cooking show seemed like a brilliant idea. Our suggestion for them to cook together with Delimano Stone Legend was accepted with delight and the slogan of the campaign was selected: Granny approved! suggesting that grannies, as a synonym for good old home made food, approved its quality. Beside other marketing activities, live shows around Slovenia were broadcasted on TV and live via Facebook.

Results, sales and positive reactions of people were extraordinary and well exceeded our expectations. This has made our Slovenian team confident enough to repeat the campaign soon – something we almost never do.

Our customers really adopted the new technology with open arms, and women wanted to try their cooking skills with Chef Lojze. We partnered Chef Lojze with 2 grannies that became faces of the second campaign. Both ladies cooked live with Lojze Čop and created new recipes with Delimano Stone Legend Round Mould.

This incredibly successful campaign allowed us to not only promote Round Mould, but also introduced new products from the Delimano Stone Legend line, such as pans, sauce pans, pots etc.

Live cooking demonstration in Tuš, Studio Moderna's retail partner

Having achieved great customer satisfaction with only one Stone Legend product, it was time to introduce to the market the broader range, and we did that in a loyalty campaign with our retail partner Tuš.

The campaign, currently still ongoing, beat all our expectations as the sales are rocketing. Previous stories were upgraded with a new slogan - Modern cooking with a taste of tradition. The campaign achieved its peak thanks to smart, confident, emotional content people connected with. It’s the story that makes people purchase things, especially when it comes to such an intimate thing as food.

Delimano Stone Legend POS retail stands

The lion share of our success goes to our partner, Slovenian retailer Tuš which felt our passion, our dedication and cooperated the whole time as a true partner. Delimano Stone Legend became our mutual story, and we’ve worked together closely to successful end.

Tuš Group together with our partner Studio Moderna created a loyalty program based on Stone legend cookware line. Our customers will be collecting loyalty stars from 19. October till 24 January in return for up to 50% discount when purchasing Delimano Stone Legend cookware. Marketing activities prepared have been executed dilligently and customers accepted the campaign above every expectation. Their response is a result of superb team work, outstanding promotional activities and excellent execution. Input from both partners and teamwork are a result of the perfect preparation process and high employee engagement.
Bojan Ratej, Marketing Director, Tuš

Simultaneously we launched the Delimano Stone Legend Baking Set on TV, continuing with the emotional granny story – we’ve chosen one of the previous two grannies and decided she should continue cooking with Lojze. Vida, the grannie, and Lojze Čop were included into another episode of Delimano Stone Legend “serie”. They have decided to cook a surprise feast for Vida’s family.

These multichannel campaigns (TV, internet, print, retail, and wholesale) had firm marketing support. Our ambassador, Lojze Čop, has proved that an open minded, kind, friendly person, a real people pleaser, can be your best card when trying to implement emotional but useful content into your marketing efforts.

We will continue our cooperation with Lojze and try to bring more beautiful stories into people’s lives and kitchens around Europe.