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Please note: All data gathered in this survey will be kept strictly confidential. Only aggregated results will be published. For more information about the survey, see the following interview with Mathias Birkel from Goldmedia.

N.B. The 2012 report is available for members in the Reports archive in the Members Only Area of the website.

Mathias Birkel, Senior Manager Goldmedia


Mathias Birkel has worked as a consultant and later as a senior consultant at Goldmedia since 2004. The focus of his work at Goldmedia are the areas of broadband Internet, digital services, broadcast and online video, as well as home shopping.

In 2006, Mathias completed a Master’s degree in Communications and Media Science at Freie Universität Berlin, having already graduated in Business Studies at the same university in 2004.

Explanatory interview with Mathias Birkel, Senior Manager at Goldmedia

ERA Europe: Mathias, thank you for taking the time to do this explanatory interview. Could you please introduce yourself and Goldmedia?

MB: As a consulting and research group, Goldmedia supports companies in implementing and optimising digital services and concepts. Our markets are media, entertainment, telecommunication, sports and trade. We offer consulting, research and executive research all under one roof. Customers from many industries trust our years of expertise. As a Senior Manager at Goldmedia I have been working on a large variety of projects for more than ten years – with a special focus on digital services, broadcast and online video, as well as home shopping.

ERA Europe: Goldmedia is currently conducting a study on the multichannel home shopping industry for ERA Europe. What is the background of this research?

MB: At Goldmedia we have many years of experience in the field of home shopping and already carried out various reports on the European industry. We also worked for ERA Europe in the past and conducted a research in 2012. Much has happened and changed since then. This is why ERA Europe asked us to prepare a comprehensive update of that report.

ERA Europe: What is the scope of this report and how does it differ from the study of 2012?

MB: While our last research only focused on the Top 4 European markets our new report is more widespread this time. It will provide market overviews of ten home shopping markets from all over Europe. TV shopping across Europe varies widely in terms of development, market volume and growth potential. Our study will analyse these differences. Besides this we will show that home shopping operators in Europe have developed into modern multi-channel providers. TV is still the most important home shopping medium, but other distribution and communication channels such as the Internet, social networks, smart TV, and mobile apps have become more and more important.

On top of that, we are conducting a comprehensive user survey on home shopping customers in Germany, the UK, France, Italy and Russia to find out what customers do and what they want and expect from the future of home shopping.

ERA Europe: How can ERA members support this research?

MB: The support of ERA member companies (and all other companies of the European home shopping industry) is essential for the quality of our research and very welcome. We would like to kindly ask everyone to take 10 minutes time and participate in our online survey. This would give us some insights into your company, the markets you operate in, as well as your view of the major trends of the industry.

Please use the following link to access our online survey directly:

Go to the survey

The more companies participate, the better our survey will represent the European home shopping industry.

ERA Europe: Where and when will the results of your research be published?

We will present the most important results at the ERA Home Shopping Conference in Venice, during the MCMS congress on 21st June. The report will be available for all ERA members afterwards in the Members Only area of the ERA Europe website.

About Goldmedia

Goldmedia is a consultation and research group with a focus on media, entertainment, telecommunication, sports and trade. Since 1998, the group has supported national and international clients in all questions pertaining to the digital revolution. The range of services includes consulting and research, along with consulting on human resources and politics. The headquarters are in Berlin and Munich.