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Industry News TF1: Téléshopping's new CEO and the 30th Anniversary


Agnes Rosoor, CEO Téléshopping & Chairwoman of Topshopping

TF1 Press Release

Boulogne, 1 February 2017

Agnès Rosoor appointed Chief Executive Officer of Téléshopping and Chairwoman of Top Shopping

Agnès Rosoor is joining the TF1 group as Chief Executive Officer of Téléshopping and Chairwoman of Top Shopping. She will report to Régis Ravanas, the TF1 group’s Executive Vice President, Advertising & Diversification.

In her new role, she will from 1 February onwards take responsibility for overseeing and developing the TF1 group’s distance selling and e-commerce activities. She succeeds Jérôme Dillard, who had been Chief Executive Officer of Téléshopping since 2011.

About Agnès Rosoor: A graduate of the EDHEC business school, Agnès began her career in 1991 as an organisational consultant at Proudfoot Productivity. In 1995, she joined Editions Atlas, where in 2007 she became head of operations for France and the UK. Since 2010, she has been head of operations and customer relations at

I am delighted that Agnès Rosoor is joining us as Chief Executive Officer of Téléshopping. Her track record in customer service and acknowledged expertise in distance selling and e-commerce will be key to Téléshopping’s development at a time when digital, data and customer relations are crucial to success. I would also like to thank Jérôme Dillard for his commitment, and for the tremendous work he has put in running this business over the last six years.

Régis Ravanas



TELESHOPPING, the TF1 daily home-shopping window that brings innovation and joy to every French home, celebrates its 30th birthday

Teleshopping is the third oldest TV Program still airing up until today on TF1 and its name has become synonymous with home shopping. We no longer talk about TV Home-shopping, now we call it Teleshopping, which demonstrates the importance of the show for French homes. Teleshopping was founded in 1987 as the first subsidiary company and was the cornerstone of the TF1 Group’s diversification.

With a daily 45 minutes broadcast during the week and 2 hours on Saturdays, Teleshopping became an integral part of French households, bringing them conviviality and a good mood.

Marie-Ange Nardi, the key figure of the show for almost 10 years and Alexandre Devoise, her partner for 3 years, handle Teleshopping along with a team of 15 hosts and experts, promoting a range of diversified products.

Teleshopping succeeded in creating emotion and unequalled complicity with its audience. More than 8,500 shows have aired over the last 30 years, the equivalent of 5,000 hours of broadcasting. More than 30 million viewers have watched Teleshopping which means an average daily audience of 100,000 to 150,000 each morning.

Teleshopping is one of the most watched programmes in France with 280 hours of broadcasting/ year.

A business that contributes to the French economy

Teleshopping is part of daily life in French households. Over 25% have already bought a product through TV home-shopping. Teleshopping recorded over 1 million orders in 2016 and 1.2 million dispatched parcels, which means 1 parcel delivered every 20 seconds. Every French home has already received a Teleshopping parcel at least once in the last 30 years sent from the warehouse that continuously stocks more than 700,000 products.

Teleshopping has created hundreds of direct jobs and more than 300 indirect ones due to 140 active suppliers of which about 65% are French companies. The most popular top products since the beginning of Teleshopping are the “Anti-insect barrier”, The “Slimming soup method” and the “Sleep Comfort pillow”, all of which are made in France, confirming its role in promoting several French innovative and creative start-ups.

The product is the star

The buying team seeks exclusive and innovative ideas and products by approaching inventors, exhibitions and trendsetting market places as Teleshopping always strives to get the best products in France and abroad for its customers.

Teleshopping viewers love to discover new products that can simplify their life and meet their needs, amongst the 250 products suggestions, of which 50% are new each year.

Bestsellers are:

  • The anti-insect barrier spray: 7 million liters sold

  • The slimming soup method: 3.5 million units sold

  • The vacuum storage bags: 2.5 million units sold

  • The comfort pillows: 2.5 million units sold. (if placed end to end, this would represent 150 km of pillows or 500 Eiffel towers)

  • The revolution pie maker: 500,000 unit sold

    Created to be a TV program and pioneer of the multi-channel experience, Teleshopping is looking towards a bright future

Teleshopping ensures multi-channel distribution of its products with a strong presence on TV, a print catalogue with more than 1 million issues every year, a multi-channel customer service (courier, telephone, mail, chat, etc.) or via its internet sites (mobile, tablets, PC) as well as  7 retail stores in France.

Teleshopping leap-frogged over e-commerce to land on m-commerce and t-commerce which, due to connected televisions (HbbTV), provide the opportunity to purchase products directly through the remote control.

Teleshopping is the only French home shopping service that offers wide coverage with complete cross channel interaction. The stake today is to go further in the digital turnover development to acquire its 24/24 channel.

An exceptional anniversary will be celebrated throughout the year 2017

  • A 30 Years birthday special life show of 2hrs20 on Saturday 25th February

  • One year of continuous exceptional offers, innovative novelties and promotional interactions with our customers

I am very proud to join the Teleshopping team. I will strive to put all my resources to further develop the activity of the past 30 years, while endeavouring to offer our customers the best exclusive products that facilitate their life and I am looking forward to strengthening the bond between us. The nature of our activity offers us considerable opportunities to reinvent ourselves. I wish Teleshopping a happy anniversary and great success for years to come.

Agnès Rosoor, CEO of Teleshopping and President of Top Shopping

Key figures

  • TELESHOPPING represents :5 min/day, 280 hours programmes/year, 30 million viewers/year, 100,000 - 150,000 households daily, more than 8,500 shows translated into 5,000 hours of airtime and more than 208 days of consecutive airing for 30 years.

  • 250 products/year of which 50% are new

  • 1 million orders in 2016, 1,2 million parcels sent, 1 parcel sent every 20 seconds.

  • 700,000 products in stock