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Industry News Studio Moderna: A million unit bestseller, personalised mattresses and prize winning Octaspring technology

Over a million pieces sold in just one year

Stone Legend becoming a legend in kitchens all over the world – breaking record sales

What's causing a big stir in kitchens all around the world? It's the Delimano Stone Legend, a cookware line with amazing characteristics that transforms cooking into amazing culinary delights in the kitchen. It features extremely durable and scratch resistant non-stick real stone coating which locks food’s moisture, nutrients and flavours, and enables you to cook traditional tasting dishes in a modern and healthier way. But you don’t have to take our word for it, you can believe the sales numbers that speak for its incredible success – over 1 million pieces sold in just one year! Definitely a reason why everyone should join the Stone Legend’s ‘million cooking club’.


Studio Moderna leading the change by launching the latest technology, 100% personalised Dormeo mattress 

Press release, March 2017

We are all very different when it comes to sleep. We come in different shapes and sizes, we have different sleeping positions, different sleeping needs and preferences. Buying a new mattress in store or online is a hassle, it is easy to get confused what your preferences are – firmer or softer, which materials are best, is the mattress breathable and will your spouse like it, will you still like it after several years…? The nightmare is finally over – Studio Moderna’s Dormeo team has developed a mattress that is 100 % Made for You

iMemory S Plus mattress, the new and technologically most advanced Dormeo mattress, is the first 100 % personalized mattress.

iMemory S Plus mattress, the new and technologically most advanced Dormeo mattress, is the first 100 % personalized mattress. Personalized in firmness, personalized in support. 100 % suited to your needs and preferences – even when sleeping with a partner. The iMemory S Plus mattress can be used in 8 different ways, providing 4 different levels of firmness and each level provides 2 different supports, so it is actually an 8-in-1 mattress!

Innovative, award winning Octaspring® springs, provide personalized support for everyone with no transfer of movement - making it perfect mattress for couples. Unique honeycomb-shaped Octaspring® springs mould to the natural shape and movement of your body for optimum support and comfort without any pressure points. Octaspring® springs are also up to 8 times more breathable, compared to traditional foam blocks. If that wasn’t enough, the mattress’ cover has added Climalite fibres, that enables air to circulate and are engineered to wick away moisture and accelerate drying. Such outstanding breathability not only guarantees a more peaceful sleep but also a more hygienic and hypoallergenic sleeping environment.

And remember, sleeping preferences can change. You gain or lose some weight, you are expecting a child, you have injured your shoulders at Sunday football, and your job has become more stressful… This is what makes the iMemory S Plus mattress so unique – its ability to always perfectly adapt to you and all the circumstances you face in your life.

Multichannel launch of the iMemory S Plus mattress is supported with 15 min infomercial (10 and 5 minutes also available) and a full POS support.

A mattress that is so much more…

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Vanema’s Octaspring® Takes Flight at the 2017 Crystal Cabin Award

Extract from Press release: April 2017

Hamburg – On April 4, the Octaspring® lightweight seat cushion was named a winner of the prestigious Crystal Cabin Award, held annually to recognize outstanding new aircraft cabin products and concepts. Octaspring’s groundbreaking, foam-spring design took home the event’s top honors this year in the highly competitive Material & Components category.

The Octaspring® technology, first introduced in mattresses, can take any traditional foam input to produce eight-sided supports with custom firmness in a wide range of sizes. This innovation presents a number of advantages, including improved comfort, better breathability, and up to a 30% reduction in cushion weight.

We are excited to build on this success and continue our collaboration to craft further innovative applications.

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