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Inventors Pitch: The HSE24 jury

The Inventors Pitch will take place on Tuesday 20th June at the ERA Europe Venice conference

The HSE24/ERA Europe Inventors Pitch will take place on Tuesday 20th June, 2017 at the €lectronic Home Shopping Conference in Venice.

Hand-selected inventors of the best innovations which are suitiable to sell on TV as well as in an online shop, ideally from the categories of household, kitchen, fitness or beauty, will be invited to present their product idea to an HSE24 expert jury at the conference and will receive an individual coaching from the HSE24 experts.

In the HSE24 expert jury will be Ken Locicero, VP Strategic Merchandise Development, and Monika Bauer, VP Merchandising/ Product Development, both of whom have many years of experience turning ideas and innovations into home-shopping bestsellers.

My fellow juror Monika Bauer, Vice-President Merchandising/Product Development at HSE24, and I are extremely pleased to be assisting with the first Inventors Pitch at this year's €lectronic Home Shopping Conference. As a leading name in multi-channel home shopping, we particularly focus on products that make our customers' lives easier or better. We are especially looking for innovations in the areas of household, kitchen and beauty that we can offer internationally across all our sales channels.
Ken Locicero, HSE24

Ken Locicero, Vice-President Merchandise Development, HSE24
Monika Bauer, Vice-President Merchandising/ Product Development, HSE24