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Preliminary Information on the new study: Home Shopping in Europe

The Multi-channel Home Shopping industry in Europe. Market Overview, Key Trends and Forecasts to 2022

Berlin, 07.06.2017. The European Home Shopping market has adapted well to the many challenges of digitalisation and continues to show stable growth. Home Shopping companies (Live Shopping, Auction TV, Direct Response TV (DRTV) and their users and buyers on multiple channels, whether that be online, mobile, via Smart-TV or Social Media. Despite the strong competition in electronic retailing, Home Shopping remains very attractive to the users.

These trends are shown in the current study: “The Multi-channel Home Shopping Industry in Europe”. The study analyses the current market situation, the individual companies and the future developments of the Home Shopping industry in ten European countries. The study show similarities and specifics of the individual markets and forecasts the market volumes in Europe as a whole, as well as per country up until 2022. Part of the study is asking Home Shopping users in Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy and Russia: what are your interests, what do you like about Home Shopping, via which medium do you prefer to place an order and what do you think is the future of the industry? The study shows very clearly that Home Shopping users are very open to technology trends (see graphic).

Presentation of the study on 21st June 2017 within ERA Europe's Electronic Home Shopping Conference in Venice (20th - 22nd June 2017)

At the moment there is no comparable study that gives such a comprehensive analysis of the Home Shopping industry. This is the first market study on European Home Shopping since 2012. The study was commissioned by the Electronic Retailing Association Europe (ERA Europe) and conducted by the consulting and research group Goldmedia.


The consulting and research group Goldmedia has been analysing the Home Shopping market for over ten years. In addition to multiple publications about the German market, the current publication is the third of its type about Home Shopping in Europe. (2008, 2012)


The key findings of the study will be communicated in a press release on the day of publication (21.06.2017). If you are already interested to receive further information in advance, you are welcome to contact us.