The Electronic Retailing Association

Self-Regulation Committee Bulletin 2Q17

The ERA Europe's consumer seal of confidence guarantees the customer a high standard which is a USP for all ERA members.

ERA Internal News:

Outlook 2017: Importance of strengthening further Self-Regulation and raising visibility in a digitally fragmented world

In the course of ERA’s annual meeting in Prague the board approved the goal to further promote the Self-Regulation processes and the seal in 2017. In a digitally fragmented environment, it has never been more important than today that consumers feel confident that they will be treated fairly and with high ethical standards.

Self-Regulation Panel at the MCMS Congress

As a result, we had a Self-Regulation Panel at the MCMS Congress on June 21st, 2017 during the Electronic Home Shopping Conference in Venice. Roger A. Colaizzi (Venable LLP, Washington D.C.) Tina Osojnik (JTBD LTD, Slovenia) and Sabine Christmann (SRO, ERA Europe) discussed the topics “Product Pirates and Self Regulation – can industry standards also protect intellectual property?”

New Proposals

In Venice in June 2017, the Self-Regulation Committee also approved the further proposals of the Chief Executive Officer and the Self-Regulation Officer, and the board of directors agreed on streamlining the Self-Regulation procedures to make it easier for ERA’s members to use the seal. These measures will be implemented in the second half of 2017 with a two-fold procedure. Firstly, the application process of new members will be streamlined and the application form will be amended. Whereas in the past members had to send the signed Self-Regulation charter separately, new members will be able to sign to ERA’s Self-Regulation process by approving the standard terms on the application form.

Secondly, all new members will be able to download the Seal’s license agreement after the end of the trial period being entitled to use the Seal, subject to the terms and conditions of the License Agreement. There is no longer a burdensome bilateral exchange of agreements required. Given our overall goal of strengthening our Self-Regulation, ERA members might consider using the seal on all consumer communication and not –as it is today- only on their internet website.

Both the license agreement regarding the seal usage as well as the acceptance of the SR-procedure are not only mandatory but will be part of the general conditions of the association. Membership automatically implies acceptance of these conditions.

Sabine Christmann LL.M. (LSE)

ERA Europe's independent Self-Regulation Officer