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Industry News Studio Moderna: Happy 15th Birthday to Dormeo, happy sleep to you!


Press release, July 2017.

For Dormeo, Studio Moderna’s biggest proprietary brand, generating more than 200mio USD in revenues, this is a special year in many ways. It is celebrating it's 15th birthday and to honour it, launching its biggest campaign to date.

Birth of a star

As befits such a huge milestone in Dormeo’s life, it seems right to reminiscent on the past and highlight the best moments that have lead the brand to where it is today.

The story of the Dormeo brand, which is today one of the biggest brands of sleep-related products in Central and Eastern Europe, started in 2002 – with just a single mattress. The first Dormeo infomercial aired on Slovenian television and the first Dormeo Comfort mattresses started being sold. The mattress featured a core made of exceptional elastic Ecocell® foam that offered excellent spine support. The product, available to purchase in 8 CEE countries in the first year, created a buzz on the market, because customers had been used to classic spring mattresses and were then encouraged to rethink the importance of sleep and its impact on health and well-being.

Dormeo’s road to success

Success quickly followed and every year, Dormeo’s product portfolio grew bigger. Soon, the brand featured mattresses, slats, toppers, pillows and other sleep and home products and in 2005, the first Dormeo store was opened in Ljubljana, Slovenia, with 28 sleep-related products. By the year 2009, consumers were able to choose from fifteen different mattress models, featuring Ecocell® and Memory foam ® and choose a mattress to meet their needs and preferences.

Sandi Češko, Chairman and Co-Founder of Studio Moderna, recalls: “Dormeo was one of these crazy ideas when everybody was saying it is mission impossible. Telling us we will not sell a single mattress with teleshopping, especially not in Slovenia. Today it seems that we were the first mover on the market with the bed in the box concept.”

Revolutionary, patented and award winning Octaspring® technology.

Another major milestone in the story of Dormeo happened in 2011, when revolutionary, patented and award winning Octaspring® technology was launched. It featured a breakthrough concept in the industry that has not seen a real innovation in almost 20 years, uniting spring and foam into one. Octaspring® honeycomb-shaped foam springs combined the best of both worlds and marked the new era of sleep – thanks to a fresher, healthier sleep surface with ability to dynamically adapt to anybody. These excellent properties allow the use of Octaspring® in products ranging from mattresses to airplane seats. Sandi Češko on Octaspring®: “Octaspring® is today used as the Air space technology. This is certainly the future.”

Today, Dormeo has more than 300 steady sleep and home comfort products in its portfolio and its own development of over 100 products each year. Dormeo products are being sold in over 40 countries worldwide and over 8 million satisfied customers sleep on Dormeo mattresses and toppers, in the EU alone. It is safe to say it has contributed to the revolution in the sleeping industry and has educated consumers, who are now aware that healthy sleep is one of the most important pillars of a happy and fulfilling life. Sandi Češko looks into the future of the brand with much hope: »Today, Dormeo has everything that is needed to become a leading global brand in the bedding category. We have unique technology, a superior distribution model, a great marketing strategy, experience and the best team in the world. Only the sky is the limit for the Dormeo mattress brand.”

Dormeo Home for your home

In 2013, Dormeo also presented a new shop concept with the opening of the first Dormeo Home store. This was the result of the brand’s growth, which has become not only an expert for sleeping, but also provided a variety of products for the home. New colours, nice furniture, cross merchandised products, advanced lightning atmosphere and improved in-store communication, helped us give customers a special experience. Nevertheless, well-trained Studio Moderna sales personnel who provide excellent service, are key for success. Today the store generates one of the highest revenues on the system level.

Dormeo’s sweet 15 birthday campaign

To celebrate Dormeo’s birthday, the brand prepared numerous activities throughout the year, from promotions, special events and celebrations.

Dormeo’s biggest campaign ever will start in July and it will celebrate the fact that Dormeo provides the best possible sleep, consequently influencing our customer’s lives in positive ways.

The main message of the campaign is »If you sleep well, then everything seems like a gift«, and all promotional materials and communication tools will have a unified look, feel and touch – a ‘birthday’ blue dot wrapping paper design which further highlights this year’s cause of celebration.

A ‘birthday’ blue dot wrapping paper design

Of course, a special birthday logo-type and a special song were also developed for this occasion. As Melnisa Begović, brand manager of Dormeo says: “Our birthday wish for Dormeo is to continue providing good quality products that ensure the best quality sleep. We hope our customers will join us in our celebration, enjoy their lives to the fullest and make our and their wish come true – to turn every day into a gift after a good night’s sleep.

And the award goes to…

Dormeo’s brand achievements have not been left unnoticed, neither by our customers not by the public. In 15 years, Dormeo has been awarded numerous acknowledgments and awards, if we only mention the latest ones: Trusted brand 2017 Slovenia; Dormeo Air Lux Plus – the chosen product of the year 2016 Slovenia; Superbrands 2016 Hungary; Superbrands 2017 Slovakia; Dormeo Fresh Prima – Product of the year 2017 Bulgaria. Dormeo was also awarded the title Official Royal supplier in Romania and local & international Studio Moderna managers were invited to the royal celebration in 2016.

  • Award: Trusted brand 2017, Slovenia
  • Award: Superbrands 2017, Slovakia
  • Award: Dormeo Air Lux Plus - The chosen product of the year 2016, Slovenia
  • Award: Superbrands 2016, Hungary
  • Award: Dormeo Fresh Prima - Product of the year 2017, Bulgaria

Dormeo was titled Official Royal supplier in Romania and local & international Studio Moderna managers were invited to the royal celebration in 2016.

Everyone at the Dormeo brand is proud that our devotion to develop innovative and quality products for sleeping and living, and our continual efforts to bring healthy sleeping to every home.

Above: Dormeo Fresh Prima - Product of the Year 2017 Bulgaria Below: Dormeo was titled Official Royal Supplier in Romania in 2016
Award: Superbrands 2017, Slovakia
Award: Trusted Brand 2017, Slovenia
Award: Superbrands 2016, Hungary