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2017 EMMA Awards Winners: and the award goes to....

The 2017 EMMA Award Winners: (L-R) Sandi Češko, (Studio Moderna), Jean-Camille Raymond and Isabelle Fournier, (M6), Julian Oberndörfer, (ERA Europe), Thomas Gros, (Mediashop), Ken Daly, (JML), Milan Repac (Genius) and, not on photo, Andrew Malcher, HighstreetTV

For the second time, the Electronic Retailing Association Europe presented the EMMA Awards. Held this year in Venice, the awards ceremony honours the Home Shopping Industry’s most respected networks, suppliers and individuals for their ingenuity and creativity, aswell as to reward outstanding achievement in the Home Shopping Industry.

ERA Europe presented the winners' work and achievements during the EMMAs ceremony which took place on the evening of the 21st June at the Hilton Molino Stucky Hotel directly at the waterfront. This glamourous and moving occasion allowed the Multi-channel Home Shopping Industry members to gather and share experiences.

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Thomas Gros, (Mediashop) steps up to the stage to accept his EMMA Award: 2017 ERA Ambassador

The first category to be awarded was the ERA Europe Ambassador 2017

ERA Europe is the Association for the Multi-Channel Home Shopping Industry. ERA Europe is the voice and network, but ERA Europe is more – we represent a special spirit of openness to new ideas and players. Wherever we meet we are happy to see our fellow colleagues from all over this continent and the world.

Our 2017 ambassador embodies this spirit like no one else in this industry. He makes sure that our members feel good wherever they are. He organises events on his own initiative so our members feel taken care of in foreign continents and has even set up his own ERA Europe “whats up social group”. The EMMA award for this category was awarded to our 2017 ambassador Thomas Gros from Mediashop.

(L-R) Astrid van der Staaij, (EMMA Awards host), Milan Repac (Genius) who won the EMMA Award for Best Innovation 2017, Dr. Julian Oberndörfer, (CEO ERA Europe)

The second category was the Best Innovation 2017

This category honours innovation and excellence in the development, marketing and launch of outstanding products which sets  an example of the dynamic strength and creativity of the electronic retailing industry.

The EMMA for Best Innovation 2017 was awarded to Genius for Nicer Dicer Magic Cube.

The Nicer Dicer is one the best known products in the industry and has been an all time bestseller. Only a real GENIUS can reinvent an all time champion and create real new value for the customer by improving this product. This new Nicer Dicer is again a world best seller and deservedly wins this award in recognition of this outstanding achievement.

Ken Daly, CEO, JML, accepting the EMMA Award for Best Consumer Orientation 2017 on behalf of the JML team - don't know what he said, but it certainly made Astrid and Julian laugh!

The third category was Best Consumer Orientation

This category stands for listening, understanding and anticipating the needs of the consumer and fulfilling them when they might not even have been expressed yet.

The jury has decided to award the EMMA for Best Consumer Orientation to JML for its outstanding achievements in customer service. JML has been building its brand for over 30 years and has become a household name in the UK. The company has a first class reputation for customer service and fulfils the highest standards in consumer communication.  This is demonstrated by the fact that JML’s in-house Customer Service team has an exceptionally high Net Promotor score of 57, well above the industry average of 39.7, and maintain a 95% one call resolution success.

Andrew Malcher, CEO HighstreetTV, looking very happy as he accepts the EMMA Award for Best Communication 2017 on behalf of HighstreetTV

Our fourth awarded category was Best Communication 2017

This category covers all aspects of customer interaction and product presentation. The essence of the message has to be conveyed with passion and ease while being targeted to a specific audience and transporting a focused sales approach.

The jury decided to award the 2017 EMMA for Best Communication to HighstreetTV for its Nutribullet campain because their overall multi-channel communication campaign not only addressed and informed the customer, but also steered their emotions in a way that had to be awarded. An outstanding example was the pioneering involvement of PR, featuring Kate Middleton to reach a wider audience.

Isabelle Fournier and Jean-Camille Raymond from M6, accepting the Multi-channel Champion EMMA Award from Julian and Astrid

The fifth category was the Multi-channel Champion 2017

The Multi-channel Champion is awarded to a company which understands how to combine all means of customer communication through multiple channels, which uses innovative communication and content measures to increase brand awareness, thereby creating an incredible customer experience and maximising the sales of a specific campaign.

The jury awarded M6 with the 2017 Multi-channel champion EMMA. Home Shopping Service includes M6 Boutique, which airs every morning on M6, one of France's most popular national channels. With more than 400 hours of programmes per year and its website, available also by mobile phone, as well as its shops and catalogues, M6 Boutique offers a multi-channel experience. Their Best of Shopping has 9000 hours of infomercials broadcast every year 24/7 on major French channels such as NRJ12, W9, 6ter as well as RTL-TVI in Belgium. Home Shopping Service also offers Best Of TV, with 5000 in-store TVs and 2700 shops, including supermarkets, hypermarkets and DIY superstores. In Belgium, it is present in 300 shops with 750 in-store TVs. hSS strength lies in its multi-channel strategy which gives  products excellent visibility and provides a unique shopping experience.

Sandi Češko, (Studio Moderna), was honoured with the EMMA Lifetime Achievement Award 2017. Here Sandi is joined by his colleague at Studio Moderna and new ERA Chairwoman, Maja Umek who gave the Laudatio for Sandi.

Highlight of the evening was the EMMA 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award for Sandi Češko, from Studio Moderna

Sandi Češko comes from a small town in central Slovenia. In 1996 he set up a DRTV business with his business partner Branimir Brkljač and launched Top Shop operations on top of Kosmodisk which had been selling for years already. In the beginning on average three new markets a year were added to the business activities and the company started to grow fast. Being too dependent on third party products, creating own brands was the next step. Now Studio Moderna is celebrating 15 years of Dormeo which was their first own brand. Studio Moderna also started to develop different sales channels. Sandi led Studio Moderna to become one of the biggest multi-channel retailers in the region with almost 7000 employees in more than 20 markets.