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Short Interview with EMMAs host Astrid van der Staaij

Astrid van der Staaij was the host of the EMMA Award ceremony 2017 at the side of ERA Europe's CEO Dr. Julian Oberndörfer.

ERA: Astrid, thank you so much for hosting the EMMAs for us. You did a really great job and created a fantastic atmosphere. We are sure everyone will be curious to know how you are connected to ERA and how you came to be asked to host the EMMAs.

Astrid: I met Julian Oberndörfer when he was still working for Home Shopping Europe Germany and I hosted two events he was involved with. Having seen me in action on the stage, I guess he felt I was right for the job ;o)…plus he wanted someone to host who could relate 100% to the world of electronic retail/home shopping.

Astrid van der Staaij, one of Germany's first home shopping hosts


Astrid studied Law and German (LL.B) in the UK and then gained a masters (LL.M) from the University of Munich. However, the legal field was not to be her speciality so she began a career in television in 1997, becoming one of Germany’s first home shopping hosts working for Home Shopping Europe Germany where she still works happily today.

In the last 20 years she has also been an expert and brand ambassador for a shapewear range (6 years on Ideal World, 2 years on QVC UK), and has done some classic television hosting as well as hosting and presenting at trade fairs, company galas and internal events. Clients have included amongst others: Samsung, Mercedes Benz Germany, Blaupunkt, BMW, Phillips Lighting, German Media Fashion Award, Deutsche Welthungerhilfe, and the Lancaster Cosmetics Charity Cup.

Astrid's biggest challenge and greatest joy is her 3 year old son!

Contact: Astrid van der Staaij


ERA: What was it like to moderate the EMMA Awards 2017?

Astrid: It was not only a great honour and very exciting, but also very emotional for me. I’ve been in the industry for two decades now and I remember when I started working as a host in 1997 very few people believed the electronic retailing industry could prove to be competition to classic retail. Practically no one took us seriously. Well, we proved them wrong!

It filled me with pride to read out the impressive facts and figures and reasons why the jury had chosen those that were winners in their categories…and it was wonderful to see the joy on everyone’s face whenever a winner was announced. I had a great time and a lot of fun!

ERA: What was your impression of the Venice conference?

Astrid: The conference was very well organised and allowed everyone taking part to network and exchange ideas in a highly professional and yet relaxed atmosphere.

Both the city and the hotel are breathtaking and as I was leaving in the early hours of the morning (after the EMMAs), having met so many great people, I remember thinking to myself…what a fantastic choice the organisers made! Venice symbolises perfectly what the ERA and the EMMA Awards are all about: just as this magnificent city has (literally) risen above all the (physical) challenges that have come its way and still stands proud, so too has the electronic retail industry grown and flourished thanks to the hard work, courage and talent of those who believe in „her“…and these men and women deserve to come together and celebrate in such a beautiful and majestic location.