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Introducing Media4commerce (Mediaset Group) as new member of ERA Europe


About Media4commerce, (part of the Mediaset Group).

Media4commerce is the business unit of the Mediaset Group which was acquired in 2005 from the Italian subsidiary of the HSE Group, then renamed Mediashopping to undertake the home-shopping business inside Mediaset. The current name, Media4commerce, was chosen in 2016 as a consequence of merging two activities of Mediaset, Mediashopping and Fivestore, which manages Mediaset TV show brands in the industry of licensing and merchandising. Both businesses are pursued by leveraging the synergies of multi-channel sales (TV, WEB, Retail and Kiosk) and integrated communication made possible due to belonging to the first private free Italian Television (Mediaset owns several TV and Radio Channels. Media4Commerce uses the advertising break available on Mediaset channels and doesn’t need to buy other communication spaces).

Media4Commerce employs 200 people, 25% directly hired and 75% through the partnership of primary call centre and sales agency. Logistic and warehouse move 550.000 units each year. The delivery express reaches our customer 48 hours after the order.

Giuseppe Blanchi, Director of Media4commerce, Mediaset Group

Giuseppe Bianchi, Director of Media4commerce, a business unit inside Mediaset Group, which aims to become the Italian leader in the field of distance selling. Prior to his current role, he held various other positions at the company: Purchasing Director (2012-2016), Facility Director (2005-2012) and Controller (1993-2005).

Born in Italy in 1965, Guiseppe began his career with Foster Wheeler Italy, the Italian subsidiary of a U.S. engineering company, from 1990-1993 following his university degree in Management Engineering from the Politecnico of Milan (1990).

New business launches in 2016/17

Furthermore, Media4commerce aims to both explore and develop new business opportunities. In 2016 we launched Tuozoo, an e-commerce platform focused on the Pet industry, and in 2017 we started with Aroma Vero, a new multi-channel platform dedicated to coffee (machine and caps). Both new activities are based on Mediaset's communication channel.

Turnover split per brand

The breakdown of Media4Commerce's turnover per brand in 2017 is 75% Mediashopping, (our core home shopping business), 20% Fivestore and 5% two start-up brands.

Turnover split per channel

The turnover 2017 per channel has the following breakdown: 47% TV Call Centre and Telemarketing, 14% Web, 22% Retail (including licensing) and 17% Kiosk (merchandising only).

DRTV Italian Market leader

In the DRTV business, Mediashopping is the Italian leader because of dedicated advertising space on the Mediaset main national TV channels. By contrast, the competition use spaces on local TV channels, which reach only a portion of the Italian population. Other national broadcasters are public (RAI) or pay (Sky Italy) and neither advertise distance selling.

TV exposure in 2016 was 29.000 commercials (short and extended) for a total of 5.000 GRP broadcasted nationally. The website has accrued 11 million page views and 3 million visitors. The direct mailing activities (30+ million each year) generated 800.000 leads, and web marketing achieved 3.000 affiliated websites and 80.000 published banners.

This effort allows us to reach on average 200.000 customers each year via B2C and others indirectly via B2B.

Most successful products

Since 2005, Mediashopping has launched and distributed all the global Teleshopping best-sellers with more than 5 million units of products sold on the Italian market. The most successful product in 4Q/2017 was the H2O X5 steam vacuum, which last year received first place in the GFK steam cleaner ranking. Also the Phoenix Gold iron and Flavorstone pans are important best sellers. In retail these products are available on more than 1.000 racks and totem, placed in the most popular stores.

Why did you decide to (re-)join ERA Europe?

Mediashopping is a former member of ERA Europe (originally joined in 2005). In the last few years our Business Unit decided to save money following a Group cost cutting project and therefore left the association to invest all resources in the new multi-brand vision.

However, when I started to manage the business unit in 2016, some managers suggested to me the opportunity of belonging to ERA Europe. I thought immediately that Mediashopping remains our core business and therefore, without hesitation, I decided to rejoin ERA Europe.

During the annual ERA Home Shopping conferences, both in Las Vegas and in Europe, I felt that member companies have many opportunities. Suppliers trust member companies more than the other customer companies, and the relationship is easier. And last, but not least, member companies log into the information and services of the ERA Europe websites. In only two words: network first.