The Electronic Retailing Association

Committee Bulletin Self-Regulation 1Q18

The ERA Europe's consumer seal of confidence guarantees the customer a high standard which is a USP for all ERA members.

2018: Changes, improvements and New Members

The Self-Regulation Committee approved the necessary next steps for the second phase of streamlining the processes of Self-Regulation in the meeting during the annual Membership Meeting in Budapest on 25th January 2018.

Streamlining process

At the time of the 2018 membership renewal, members will be reminded that, with their membership renewal, they accept the terms and conditions of the SR procedure. In a second step, the same streamlining effect applies to the use of the consumer protection seal “Shop with confidence”. Thanks to the approval by the Self-Regulation Committee, the scope of the license can be widened to increase all communication means (not only website) and can be rewritten as general terms and conditions.

Self-Regulation consumer website in further new language in 2018

In 2017, we launched the Polish language version on the Self-Regulation consumer website, as a further initiative to increase awareness and reach for our consumer protection seal.  In 2018, the committee decided to next launch a Romanian Self Regulation consumer website in Romanian.

No complaints

There were no complaints submitted to the Self-Regulation Officer in the first three months of 2018.

New Members

We have welcomed five new members in the first three months, all of whom have applied under the newly implemented Self-Regulation procedure.

Join the Meetings of the Self-Regulation Committee

All interested ERA members are most welcome to join ERA Europe's Self-Regulation Committee: we meet twice per year, once during the Membership Meeting and again during the annual ERA Europe Conference, this year in Seville.


Sabine Christmann LL.M. (LSE)

ERA Europe's independent Self-Regulation Officer