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Interview: Stefan Sutor, MD of Medientage München, talks about the background and benefits of the co-operation with ERA Europe to jointly organise the MCMS 2018

Stefan Sutor, Managing Director, Medientage München

We are delighted that MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN has entered into a co-operation with ERA Europe to jointly organise the MCMS Congress 2018.

To explain more about the synergies between our two organisations, we interviewed Stefan Sutor, Managing Director of Medientage München.

Stefan, for our members and readers, who are not fully acquainted with your activities, please introduce yourself and give us a brief introduction to your organisation and its activities.

SS: I am Managing Director of Medientage München GmbH, which organises the 32nd MEDIENTAGE in Munich, the largest European media congress. We were founded as a broadcast congress originally but today we cover all media sectors. Our conference sessions and the accompanying expo particularly address the challenges of digitalisation for the media industry.

At MEDIENTAGE the industry meets and exchanges ideas. This is Europe's largest media congress with an expo and over 400 speakers.

When did you first come into contact with ERA and have you ever visited any ERA events?

SS: I know Julian Oberndörfer from my work at the Bayerische Landeszentrale für neue Medien, which is responsible for commercial broadcasting regulation in Bavaria and I heard about ERA and its events. I attended the ERA Conference in Venice last year.

What was your impression of the 2017 MCMS in Venice?

SS: Apart from the fantastic location, I was positively surprised by the thematic breadth, relevance of the topics and the speakers’ overall quality. In terms of transaction television, the conference raised questions similar to other media conferences, but more consistently focused on how the user can be reached and activated.

Multi-Channel Home Shopping is ultimately focused on a transaction – how does this fit into your overall event strategy?

SS: Transaction television is a pioneer in a TV world that’s changing extensively. Not only distribution channels and business models with new competitors are changing - in the digital world, TV and streaming are directly linked to online transactions. What moves everyone in the industry is precisely this transformation process into a fully digital media world controlled by data and technology. I am pleased that we can cooperate with the MCMS Congress, as I’m sure we can stimulate each other.

As a final question, what can we expect after Seville, in October, at your Munich Media event 'MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN'?

SS: MEDIENTAGE focuses on the permanent transformation of the media landscape with all its players. At the expo and conference with more than 400 speakers, we will discuss how new technologies are changing media and society. Focal points in 2018 will be, for example, AI, Blockchain, the role of platforms and a look at China’s market. From production and distribution to new business models, we cover how innovations change the networked media world. At MEDIENTAGE the industry meets and exchanges ideas. I am particularly pleased that we can also offer a panel on new forms of transaction television in co-operation with ERA Europe. The TV world is currently changing completely, and I do believe that our joint work will provide many impulses for the entire TV industry.

Stefan, thank you very much. We are really looking forward to our joint events in Seville and Munich and to our future cooperation.