The Electronic Retailing Association

Update No 1 on the U.S.: BUSINESS WILL BE CONDUCTED IN LAS VEGAS 24th-27th Sept

Update on the Las Vegas Conference

Dear conference attendees, Dear ERA Europe members,

Thank you very much for attending the conference and for the support and trust expressed during our show. We all believe that it is crucial now for our industry to maintain our global network. This has become the TOP PRIORITY of the Board of Directors of ERA EUROPE. As has been communicated and discussed during our Tuesday panel, ERA Europe will take responsibility and do everything possible to ensure that business will be conducted in Las Vegas. People on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean are working hard to find a good solution for everybody.

As promised ERA Europe will fill the existing gap and will take the first step by organizing the communication so that we can give the required orientation for our industry. So far we can communicate as follows: all European members present in Seville have committed themselves to be in Las Vegas from September 24th- 27th. Flights are/will be booked. The companies will be there.

What is unknown so far is the precise form/organizational hub and venue where we can all meet. This needs to be worked out and will be communicated shortly as soon as we know more and can give further directions.

We will send out regular updates on the situation to ensure that everybody is well informed.

Best regards.

Dr. Julian Oberndörfer

CEO/ Administrateur Delegué
ERA Europe