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Photo Report from the Seville Conference

by Julian Oberndörfer

The 2018 Multi-Channel Home Shopping Conference took place at the Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento Hotel, Sevilla, Spain

June 2018 – Seville, I have heard of that city. Ranked among the Top Ten locations to be visited in Europe, the old medieval pearl which was the starting point of Columbus and the “Reyes Catholicos” to conquer the world.

Once upon a time it was the first direct hub between Europe and the New World. It seems that since then the connectivity of that city to the rest of the world has changed a little.

“Taxi” – “Hotel Barcelo por favor” - no that is not the hotel that is the Guggenheim Museum – no here we are, we have finally made it!

The hotel was built for the world expo in 1992, built in three cylinders it is very modern, beyond 2.0, and proved to be the perfect venue for our needs.

If you would like to see all the photos from the conference see the gallery on our conference website

The first attendees already dropped in on Friday 15th, took the chance for some leisure programme and also first business was conducted.

First port of call: the registration desk where guests could collect their badges, conference brochure and EMMA awards tickets

However the continuous whisper is in the air, have you heard… do you know…. The e-mail from June 1st is a true companion wherever people exchange, enjoy their tapas and wine.

The Highlights

Finally the conference started on Tuesday morning. 08:45 the first timers arrive to our premiere format, the First Timer Speed Business Dating event. The chicken/egg race could be resolved. The same number of new and established players met to exchange product and business ideas, switching their date every ten minutes.

Speed business dates in progress at this new event for first timers at the conference.

Five new companies took part and they all met senior members of HSE24 (Germany), MediaShop (Austria), JML (UK), Bluewater Media (U.S.) and Teleshopping (France) as well as each other!

At the end of the meeting Rick Petry and Andy Latimer from Bluewater Media BANGED THE DRUM and laid out why tribal marketing is key to a successful strategy in the future.

Tuesday HIGH NOON - we had never seen such a big audience. They were there for the adhoc panel of global industry leaders to discuss the Future of t-commerce in the light of the collapse of ERA (U.S.).

The executive panel: (L-R) Moderator Ken Daly (JML), Andrew Malcher (HighstreetTV), Alex Chacon (EHS), Jonathon Gregory (Oak Lawn), Dieter Schneider (MediaShop), Katie Williams (Ideal Living), Fernando Mercenari (Inova).

The panel consisted of Alex Chacon, (EHS), Spain, Jonathan Gregory, (Oak Lawn), Japan, Andrew Malcher, (HighstreetTV), UK, Fernando Mercenari, (Inova), Mexico, Dieter Schneider, (MediaShop), Austria and Katie Williams, (Ideal Living), U.S. and was moderated by Ken Daly, (JML), UK.

The panel briefly looked back at the recent developments in the U.S. However it became clear, that none of the individuals who were actually involved would disclose any details, so the overall observations of ERA were commented on as follows:

The future of DR and multi-channel home shopping in general will be challenging in digital times. This is however a development which has no direct connection to the failure of an organisational structure.

The panel discussion on 'The future of t-commerce' generated a large audience who took active part in the discussion.

However the industry is successful and growing. A new global structure to maintain the global business network is required.

The panel ended with a vital discussion between the podium and the audience. ERA Europe´s mandate out of this meeting was to organise communication and whatever else required to enable business to be conducted in September in Las Vegas.

All companies present at the meeting committed themselves to fly to Las Vegas.

Conference Attendees gather for the opening reception.

The opening reception adjourned the official programme of Day 1. While we all gathered on the show floor in Atrium III, everybody was convinced they were attending a vernissage at the Guggenheim. Cold drinks, snacks and good conversation were the final highlight of that day.

The second day started with the “MCMS Congress”. The 2018 agenda was focused on strategic future questions such as Affiliates, Influencer, AI and Big Data to drive the business of the future.

(L-R) Kanaway Yusingco (uniquely wired), Katharina Schneider (MediaShop) and Levin Vostell (influry), discussing 'Being Affiliate and other new business opportunities' with host Ina Bauer (MediaShop)

Not only future evangelists but also practitioners such as Katharina Schneider, CEO MediaShop, as well as Mattias Bråhammar, who has worked for both QVC and the HSE24 group, gave insights how to approach these strategies in reality.

Inter alia, the European Observatory of the council of Europe, German media regulation and the European Institute for Media Law discussed if and how all the business models can become reality in European Markets.

For more details click on the full review of the MCMS Congress here.

In a very festive setting, companies could enjoy an unforgettable evening at their table.

As last year the 2018 EMMAs were again hosted by our charming Moderator Astrid van der Staaij.

Read a short message from Astrid here.

The setting was a little bit different to the years before as we organised a sit down dinner. In an very festive setting, companies could invite their friends to an unforgettable evening at their table.

Due to the southern Spanish setting, the evening only started at 8 pm. After a brief welcome and introduction by our Moderator Astrid van der Staaij and Julian Oberndörfer, CEO ERA Europe, dinner was served.

If you would like to see all the photos from the EMMA Awards, see the gallery on our conference website here.

The EMMAs were again hosted by the lovely Astrid van der Staaij and Dr. Julian Oberndörfer, CEO ERA Europe.

At 9.30 p.m. as the sun set, the actual award ceremony started.

The first category to be awarded was the Business Personality of the year 2018. The EMMA 2018 in this category went to Katharina Schneider from MediaShop.

The next category was the Multi-Channel Champion 2018 which was given due to the 360° approach to the customer to HSE24 Italy.

Awarded for Best Communication 2018 was the 15th birthday communication of Dormeo by Studio Moderna.

In the Category Best New Business Model, Ralf Dümmel from DS Produkte was awarded for his appearance in and business driven by the TV format Höhle der Löwen (The Lion's Den).

The award for Best Innovation 2018 was for the first time decided as a people´s choice award. That means all employees of member companies had the possibility to decide which member company had the best innovation in their assortment. The members chose the Livington Prime Vacuum Cleaner from MediaShop as the Best Innovation 2018.

Read more about the winners.

(L-R) The ERA Europe Conference Team, Lena, Julian, Sandra and Franziska can't wait to see you again next year in Budapest!

The ceremony ended with the prize draw to choose the lucky winner. All participants of the people´s choice vote took part in a draw to win a trip to our next conference location, Budapest, Hungary. The winner was represented by a colleague who came up on stage.

The ERA Europe conference team is looking forward to the next ERA Europe Conference which will take place in Budapest, Hungary from June 18th - 20th 2019.

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