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MCMS 2018: What makes Alibaba strong?

Ronald Ter Voert, VP Business Development and Marketing (Exmachina Group) Amsterdam, presented features of 'What makes Alibaba strong' at the 2018 MCMS.

At the MCMS 2018, Ronald Ter Voert, VP Business Development and Marketing (Exmachina Group) Amsterdam, gave a fascinating presentation about 'What makes Alibaba strong' and spoke about tackling the Alibaba Challenge

He pointed out that we have now had over three decades of ecom. Amazon was established in 1994 and is now at 10% of retail but he believes it is not yet at full power, its just the beginning.

Alibaba, by contrast, was established in 1999 and is now pioneering shoppable video, the driver of the next phase of ecommerce which provides new opportunities for online retailers and brands all over the world.

Success Factors in Shoppable Video. © Ex Machina Group

Ex Machina Group have written more on this subject at the Medium website - How live interactive video drives the next phase of eCommerce:

Shoppable video is an exciting mix of entertainment and eCommerce. Pioneered by Chinese online giant Alibaba, it marks the beginning of a new era of eCommerce and provides opportunities for broadcasters, online retailers and brands all around the world.

Digital Experience Shopping

Ronald pointed out how the shopping experience is changing – 50% of customers say they are busy with their phone while they are in the store. We are now in the next phase: digital experience shopping - from functional to inspirational, retail as entertainment, see now buy now, viewers in front of their mobile phone, video streaming seamlessly integrated with the ecom platform of Alibaba.

Alibaba Singles Day

Days before it starts you get coupons in your mailbox, there's a count down. He showed an example of a moderator and influencer wearing a coat..the hype waiting for her to take it off to see what she was wearing underneath it..a can be one of the lucky people to get this for free - please scan the screen, create the moment, create the hype, fear of missing out, I must have this! I must interact!

What is Alibabas secret sauce?

Its all about limited edition, about discounts...if wait, get less discount, its about shoppable video, cyber sales festival (3 day show), open the app and guess the price, give them a voucher e.g. 15% off, follow the whole event on any channel you like, play along in our games, dive into our super cool shopping events whenever and wherever!