The Electronic Retailing Association

Update No 3 ERA US/Las Vegas

Dear Conference Attendees, Dear ERA Europe members and the global community,

Four weeks after the European conference in Seville, please find below the latest status quo update.

Monday, July 16th we received an e-mail from PDMI (the Performance Driven Marketing Institute), a newly formed association of known and experienced industry leaders, led by John Yarrington of DRMA and Response as well as Bill Sheehan, the last CEO of ERA U.S. We understand that they have broad support from the U.S. industry players. Their goal is to restart a not-for-profit organisation which will inter alia provide networking events for the industry in the U.S.

The dates confirmed by PDMI are now 24th - 26th/27th September in Las Vegas. Unfortunately we do not have any further information on the planned location but we expect that the location will be disclosed very soon. Given the short organisational time frame, we assume that PDMI will organize a business-centric venue, a “central hub” to conduct business meetings and will offer very visitor friendly pricing. Once PDMI discloses the Las Vegas venue you might consider booking your rooms through their online registration tool.

As ERA Europe we recognize the potential benefit of having a U.S. peer again, with whom we can assess on which basis, how and if, a global network can be restructured. We will also include the results of your votes of our last survey (thank you very much for your overwhelming participation) in the discussion with them.

We thank you for your support and will continue to send out regular updates on the situation to ensure that everybody is well informed.

Best regards.

Dr. Julian Oberndörfer

CEO/Administrateur Delegué
ERA Europe