The Electronic Retailing Association

Update No. 4: Online Tool and First List of Attendees for Las Vegas now available. Please sign in.

Dear Conference Attendees, Dear ERA Europe members and the global community,

I hope that many of you are already enjoying your summer break. Meanwhile, we have more and more clarity on the upcoming Las Vegas event. So please find the latest status quo update below:

As already announced, the dates for Las Vegas are confirmed to be 24th-27th of September 2018.

We expect PDMI to start with their registration very soon and to disclose their location. As soon as we know more, we will let you know.

As announced, we have been working on an online solution to provide a general overview of who will be in Las Vegas to help you to organise your meetings and to ensure that you meet your colleagues in Las Vegas. Your commitment (by signing in) is intended only to help you and your industry peers to understand who is coming. So please sign in* and encourage all your colleagues that are travelling to Vegas to do so too.

We thank you for your support and will continue to send out regular updates on the situation to ensure that everybody is well informed.

Best regards

Julian Oberndörfer

*The only purpose of compiling the list is to give people in our industry an orientation. Especially in the light of expenses which you or your company may already have incurred, when you enter your name into this list of course you may additionally register at any events organised by any other organisation held during the same period in Las Vegas. Entering your name into the ERA Europe list, does however not constitute any obligation to register for any event, it merely signifies that you will be there during the time period so other people can get in touch with you.