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Industry News: Studio Moderna launch new DORMEO ‘Dreamspace’ Collection and showcase their concept for their company Family Day

The new design for Dormeo's 2018 kids’ collection will be marketed in 21 countries.

by Melnisa Begović

Dormeo, the sleep-expert brand, collaborated with young talents from all over Europe to find the new design for its 2018 kids’ collection. The open call was sent to schools, faculties and colleges for design, architecture and art. Numerous talented artists-in-the-making participated with their beautiful and creative bedding proposals. As there can only be one winner, Klavdija Peperko from Slovenia will have her design sold in 21 European countries!

About the winner

Klavdija Peperko's design for the kids’ collection invites kids to come to space and sleep under the stars.

Klavdija Peperko, graduate in Landscape Architecture from the faculty of Architecture in Slovenia, is a young architect who is also interested in other fields of visual arts, such as graphic design, drawing, painting and photography.

Dormeo was most impressed with her design for the kids’ collection, because it stimulates childrens' imagination and invites them to come to space and sleep under the stars. At Dormeo, Klavdija’s design will make all children feel their bed is like space, their own universe where they feel cosy and safe to dream big.

Dreamspace – for sleeping under the stars

The winning design was thus given the perfect name – Dreamspace. Besides the bedding set, the collection also features everything a child needs to make his or her bedroom feel like a dream come true: a soft rug, and a classic and anatomic pillow, duvet and mattress protector.

The charming and playful collection invites children to sleep under the stars without having to leave the room, while at the same time making their bedroom style fun and colourful.

This unique collection, especially designed for Dormeo, will be sold in 21 European countries.

Congratulations to the talented Klavdija Peperko! Dormeo is sure her design is not just one of the many winning projects in her future but that it will inspire children all over the world to follow their future dreams, too!

Family Open House – children’s laughter in Studio Moderna

The 2nd Family Open House event was organised by and for the employees of Studio Moderna, their families and friends.

by Tatjana Demšar Pokorn

It was a sunny and hot August 30th in Ljubljana, the home of Studio Moderna. Our offices were filled with laughing children and proud parents wearing white T-shirts stating: " I work at Studio Moderna – what's your superpower? ".

It was the 2nd Family Open House event – organised by and for the employees of Studio Moderna, their families and friends.  

The event provided an opportunity for family and friends to visit the offices and get to know more about our work and join in with special fun activities prepared for them.

It all started in 2017, when Studio Moderna celebrated its 25th Anniversary. We wanted to celebrate this great achievement with our customers, business partners and the community, as well as our families and friends. We wanted to show our children, partners, parents and friends something of where we spend the vast majority of our days.


In 2018, the entire Studio Moderna Family Open House, was organised around 'acquiring superpowers', which included fun activities with Studio Moderna's brands and products. In early 2018, Studio Moderna launched a Hero campaign for the sales of our Dormeo Hero products and this was used as the theme for our Family Open House.

Amongst other fun games, visitors could enjoy pillow fights with Dormeo pillows

Visitors could enjoy pillow fights with Dormeo pillows, play with Magic Tracks, try hopscotch with Walkmaxx shoes, have a competition to see who cleans faster with Rovus Spray Mop, get a new Pink Panda make-up set and see who can squat the longest on a Wellneo Gymbit Vibroshaper.

Every successfully completed challenge granted them a »superpower« stamp. When they collected at least four 'superpower' stamps visitors received a practical gift.

On the parking lot, a large tent was built which served as the main stage for the Family Open House event. Burgers, pancakes, hotdogs and smoothies were made in the tent and served straight from Delimano kitchenware. Next to the tent, children could enjoy a variety of games.

The pre-school gymnastic team GIB Šiška

Guests of the Family Open House event was the pre-school gymnastic team GIB Šiška, one of the awardees of Studio Moderna's 25donations programme.

In 2017, again on the occasion of Studio Moderna's 25th Anniversary, we launched a special donation fund to support the not-for-profit organisations in which employees or their children are members of, and GIB was one of them.

Karmen from the Purchasing Department: "The concept this year was really good as each brand had its own task for visitors. They could actually touch the items we sell and also try how they work. So they had fun, but also got an opportunity to see what we do and what we sell. For me the best was the Spray mop competition as it was really fun, but also a massage on Wellneo massagers was very enjoyable after the working day."

As her family was too far to bring them, she was trusted with a co-worker's daughter: "Kaja Katarina, (13) came to the Family Open House because of Pink Panda make up corner. (Studio Moderna acquired this make up sales platform last year. ) As every girl at this age, she is mostly interested in make-up. She admitted she had a lot of fun and we summarised the day in the tent outside where everyone could enjoy hamburgers, nutriblasts from Nutribullet and pancakes made with the Delimano pancake pan."

Our Top Shop flagship store is located in our office building and we wanted to check how good we are at promoting our products and what good customers we all are.

The event was really very well organised and we made record sales! It was the best day for this shop in its history, breaking the previous record from 2015 by +25%!

Thanks to everyone involved for their help and cooperation.

Jekaterina Hvala, on behalf of the local sales team

The event also had charitable overtones. Diapers, hygiene supplies and food with extended shelf life were collected for children from socially disadvantaged families.