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Review: The PDMI Summit 2018 in Las Vegas

by Dr. Julian Oberndörfer

The Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas, was the venue for the first PDMI Summit in September 2018

What started as an industry commitment became true – the PDMI has organized its first summit in Las Vegas.

Same same but different?

The date was (almost) the same as originally foreseen, however we had to move down the Strip a little bit – from the Wynn to The Venetian.

If The Wynn is an airport, The Venetian is a city! For those of you who don't know it, it is the second largest hotel in the world and, by design, you are not meant to find your way out of this labyrinth. So it seemed that the odds were not in favour of the PDMI holding a successful conference there.

The busy showfloor was combined with the Town Hall meetings

The show floor, however, seemed to have just the perfect size for our needs. You could say it was really crowded – I have not seen such a well-visited and busy show floor in LV for a long time.

To hold the town hall meetings on the show floor increased the impression that a large, interested crowd was present – maybe even too much so.

To separate the business area of the show floor from the town hall sessions by a wall was an improvement for both sides, i.e. the ones interested in the content exchange on stage and the others who were able to hold business conversations more easily.

Considering the size of the venue, the show floor was perfectly situated near the elevators and had a Starbucks just next door, which is always a welcome option as a back office.

While the hotel size contributed to the fitness of the attendees – distances of up to 12 KM per day were reported by some of the attendees – we also heard that most of the suite meetings were effective and on time (maybe due to the elevator infrastructure).

The Dorsey, the scene of night-time networking

But what about the famous circle bar? It will probably be only a vague memory for most, with the PDMI receptions on day one and two playing their part in this memory fading quickly.

The Dorsey, which was quickly found by our members, was far more than a social meeting spot – its ambience and music have set a new level for future events. Rumour also has it that the ERA Europe social media group again organized a great party in Nevada on the last night.

On the final day of the conference, the attendees actually had to move out of the expo site by 11 am. But it wouldn't be our industry if there wasn't a flexible solution such as back up coffee stations, hotel floors and breakfast areas to successfully conduct business.

So we had our first taste of a PDMI conference and would like to see more.

We wish them the best of luck in finding the the perfect Spring venue in Miami and expect far more than the registered 1100 attendees to come back to Las Vegas next year.

The Performance-Driven Marketing Institute (PDMI) hosted the inaugural PDMI Summit on Sept. 24-26 at The Venetian Las Vegas

PDMI Summit Recap

The Performance-Driven Marketing Institute (PDMI) hosted the inaugural PDMI Summit on Sept. 24-26 at The Venetian Las Vegas. Featuring various networking events and an open floor plan designed to drive meetings, the PDMI team also hosted a trio of Town Hall Meetings that allowed its leadership to share its vision for the industry for 2019 and beyond — and invited attendees to voice their thoughts and opinions about that vision and the future of performance-driven marketing.

More than 1,100 industry leaders attended the Summit, which was sponsored by more than 60 leading companies in the business.