The Electronic Retailing Association

Save the Date for the Annual Membership Meeting 2019

23rd - 25th January 2019

As an ERA Europe Member, you are invited to attend the Annual Membership Meeting where you receive full voting rights.

The ERA Europe Annual Membership Meeting is held every year in January and all member companies are invited and encouraged to attend.

The Venue

The meeting is always held in a European city and the venue for January 2019 will be Munich, Germany.

What to expect at the Annual Membership Meeting

All the ERA Europe committees are convened during the Annual Membership Meeting. Interested members are invited and welcome to participate in the sessions of the Conference & Membership Committee, the Public-Affairs Committee and the Self-Regulation Committee.

Reasons to attend

* The General Assembly, to which all member companies are invited, reviews the work of the Board and the Committee. Particularly important is the review/approval of the results of the fiscal year 2018 and the 2019 budget.

* Exercise your membership rights!

* This is a great opportunity to meet your European colleagues and business partners in an informal atmosphere.


A formal invitation containing details of the location, agenda and registration will be sent out at a later date.

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