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ERA Europe at the MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN with an MCMS Special Panel on 26th October 2018

ERA Europe at the Münchener Medientage

As part of the cooperation with Münchener Medientage, which began with the MCMS in June in Seville, ERA Europe will hold an MCMS special at this event. The MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN is one of the leading events for the media and communications world with over 6,000 participants from Germany and abroad, several hundred accredited journalists, over 400 speakers and more than 90 individual events. The congress-accompanying media fair covers the entire range of digital media: from private and public-law programme providers, online and mobile media to representatives of the areas of production media technologies, trade press and media research.

At this congress, which is the biggest of its kind as well as one of the most important and best visited conferences among decision makers and political key stakeholders within Europe, we expect to raise awareness for the industry branch represented by ERA Europe, address our industry issues and promote our conference in June.  

ERA Europe  will present a panel setting its agenda and will discuss “Emotions & Alibaba – Trends in Multichannel Home-Shopping” on the 26th October 2018 in Munich. The session will focus on “The Impact of Human Emotions & Behaviour on Omni-Channel Retailing: the Mix of Real and Digital" and on “"What makes Alibaba strong"

15% discount for ERA Europe Members

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Emotions and Alibaba: Trends in Multichannel Homeshopping:

Fantastic new ways to consume media are creating not only huge challenges also for the home-shopping industry in Europe but are simultaneously creating brand new opportunities.

We will 'look over the fence' and observe the Chinese online shopping giant Alibaba, who at top speed is even managing to sell luxury goods, including car brands like Maserati, via its video channels. Alibaba is combining new digital marketing channels on its platform, reinventing the entire retail industry.

There are new technologies creating completely new marketing options like Artificial Intelligence and new distribution channels to the client that must not be neglected.

What happens when you combine „Big Data“ with „Emotions“? It seems to be getting easier to approach clients and at the same time competition is accelerated also by new entrants coming from totally different industries. What does that mean for home-shopping providers? What are the strategies of big players in their markets?

13:00 - 14:30 “Emotions & Alibaba – Trends in Multichannel Home-Shopping”

Friday 26th October 2018, Munich, Germany


  • Dr. Julian Oberndörfer, CEO ERA Europe
  • Dieter Brockmeyer,Chair MCMS/ Diplomatic Council

"The Impact of Human Emotions & Behaviour on Omni-Channel Retailing: the Mix of Real and Digital"

  • Valerio Placidi, Co-Founder und Owner // Grottini Lab

"What makes Alibaba strong"

  • Jeroen Doucet, Chief Strategy Officer // Ex Machina Group


  • Jeroen Doucet, Chief Strategy Officer // Ex Machina Group
  • Markus Kirchner, Geschäftsleitung Business Development, Strategy & Projects // HSE24
  • Mateja Luštek, COO // Studio Moderna
  • Valerio Placidi, Co-Founder und Owner // Grottini Lab