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The ERA Europe News Winter Edition 2019 is now available

Don't miss our Interview with Klaus Skripalle, CEO, CHANNEL21 in Germany, who we welcome in 2019 as a new member of the ERA Europe community. There are also excellent Insight Articles by Speakers from the 2018 MCMS Congress as well as industry news, trends and developments.

The experts who have written for this edition include: Levin Vostell who shares his knowledge on the subject of 'Influencer Marketing; Mattias Bråhammar, whose article 'The Secret Sauce of Social Selling' is the second in the series of 3 articles on the '3 Fundamentals to Success in Digital Commerce'; Budd Margolis summarises the Global Industry Trends and New Industry Developments in 2018 and Ken Daly evaluates the implications of how retail, and Amazon in particular, is evolving in the UK.

Other newsletter features include: our new job pinboard, an invitation to take part in a potentially very important joint research project about the Future of Multi-Channel Home Shopping, a brief taste of the recent Annual Membership Meeting in Munich, (including a rather special drink recipe), news and information about the upcoming annual conference in Budapest for which REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN, and last but not least, the regular bulletins from the Self-regulation and Public Affairs committees.

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