The Electronic Retailing Association

Committee Bulletin: Self-Regulation Review 4Q18 and Outlook 2019

by SR-Officer Sabine Christmann LL.M. (LSE)

The ERA Europe's consumer seal of confidence guarantees the customer a high standard which is a USP for all ERA members.

2018: Streamlining the procedures and increasing the efficiency of our Self Regulation Programme

In 2018 we paved the way for a more efficient and modern Self Regulation procedure by adjusting the application process for new members and the licensing process for our seal, now a registered trademark.

Our Self Regulation programme provides our members as well as their customers with a dispute resolving service in an attempt to moderate compromises and solutions beyond a litigation process. The trademark and the Self Regulation Charter reflect these goals and have been updated in the light of this.

Membership 2018: all new members now apply to ERA under the newly implemented Self Regulation procedure. This will also be true for every member when they renew their membership for 2019.

All complaints which were submitted to the Self Regulation officer in 2018 were resolved without any further issues or disputes, underlining the efficiency of our dispute resolution mechanism.

2019: Upcoming initiatives and next steps to increase the awareness and market acceptance of the dispute resolution platform provided by our Self Regulation programme

We have a new tagline which reflects the key elements of our programme: Providing a dispute resolution platform in the case of complaints of customers of ERA members.

All interested ERA members are more than welcome to join ERA Europe's Self Regulation Committee which meets twice per year: once during the Membership Meeting in January and again during the ERA Europe Multi-Channel Home Shopping Conference in June.


Sabine Christmann LL.M. (LSE)

ERA Europe's independent Self-Regulation Officer