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A First Taste of the Annual Membership Meeting 2019 in Munich.....and a recipe you won't want to miss out on!

23rd - 25th January 2019

The Annual Membership Meeting was held at the famous Bayerische Hof Hotel in Munich, Germany

The full report from the Annual Membership Meeting will be published in the April Edition of the ERA Europe News but here are a few first impressions.

Be sure to scroll to the end to see Andrew Malcher's Espresso Martini recipe - Andrew introduced us to this delicious after dinner coffee cocktail on the last evening - it's so delicious we had to share it with you!

The Annual Membership Meeting 2019

The ERA Europe Annual Membership Meeting, to which all member companies are invited and encouraged to attend, was held from 23rd - 25th January 2019. As every year, tthis was a great opportunity to meet the European colleagues and business partners in an informal atmosphere.

The Venue

The meeting is always held in a different European city and the venue this year was the famous Bayerische Hof Hotel in Munich, Germany.

Membership Meeting Dinner in The Grill, downtown Munich

Overview of the Annual Membership Meeting

All the ERA Europe committees were convened during the Annual Membership Meeting, including sessions of the Conference & Membership Committee, the Public-Affairs Committee and the Self-Regulation Committee. The General Assembly reviewed the work of the Board and the Committees. Particularly important, as every year, was the review and approval of the results of the fiscal year 2018 and the 2019 budget.

Last Night Membership Dinner in The Grill Restaurant

On the last evening, when all the work was done, the group enjoyed a delicious 3 course dinner together in The Grill Restaurant in central Munich. This was a chance to relax and exchange experiences with our colleagues.

After dinner, Andrew Malcher, HighstreetTV, decided it was time to introduce us to his favourite after dinner 'Espresso Martini' which was absolutely delicious! You can find the recipe here below.

Enjoy a taste of the Annual Membership Meeting!

Andrew Malcher's 'Espresso Martini'

Andrew says: "This fantastic, hugely popular drink was invented in Soho, London in the early 80’s in response to a model that loved coffee, but didn’t appreciate the “lull” that a coffee creates when one is feeling on top form (after lots of drinks) and wants to “keep going” !! So this clever cocktail was invented to provide the “coffee fix” but also maintain/boost the alcohol and feel good factor!

The trouble is, it tastes so good, but its packs a powerful punch upon considering the alcohol content (3 shots per serving) …which of course you don’t really notice (like all the best cocktails! Hahaha)

Be warned, that more than one, you are heading into trouble! More than 3….well, plan a long, late night…and cancel plans for the next day!

There are so many recipes out there, but the one I’ve perfected is as follows. The MYTH is that it contains “martini” however, like many “martini” cocktails, they are vodka based, and it’s the “martini” glass that gives it the name.

Andrew's Espresso Martini Recipe

Andrew enjoying the final product


  • 2 shots of absolute VANILLA Vodka (can use normal Vodka, but I prefer Vanilla, the quality of the vodka counts!)
  • 1 shot of Kahlua Coffee liqueur
  • 1 shot of Espresso (quality of espresso counts!)
  • Dash of sugar syrup

Use a martini cocktail shaker filled with ice, and shake, shake, shake!! The shake is key to create that fantastic foam/froth at the top of the glass. The other important point is to use a strainer to ensure no ice gets into the glass.

Garnish with just 3 individual coffee beans…..and ENJOY!