The Electronic Retailing Association

2019 New EMMA Award Categories and New Voting Procedures

Ralf Dümmel, DS Produkte, accepting the EMMA Award for the Best New Business Model 2018

We all well-remember the EMMAs 2018 in which new features and categories were introduced and tested.

During a hot Seville summer night, we enjoyed the great atmosphere and experienced the wonderful ceremony and great aftershow celebrations.

The event was live-streamed on our facebook site and a camera team filmed the event, which was shown on the German equiavalent of Shark Tank (Höhle der Löwen, VOX).

This years EMMA Award ceremony will take place on Wednesday 19th June 2019 and will have several new award categories.

Categories 2019

So what is new in 2019? We have revised all categories and procedures:

  • Best Short Form

  • Best Long Form

  • Best Live Show

  • Social Media award

  • Best Presenter*

  • Best Innovation

  • Best Supplier

  • Best Distributor

  • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)**

  • Personal Award**

New Jury 2019

We will also implement a new jury. Most categories (8) will be voted for by the member companies who will have one vote per category. The jury for the remaining three categories will be as follows:

*The category 'Best Presenter' will be chosen by the people´s choice procedure: all employees of member companies are entitled to cast their vote and the simple majority will decide the winner. As last year, we will have a prize draw amongst the voters.

**The categories CSR and the Personal Award will be chosen by the board (in the event of outstanding projects or deserving personalities).

Nomination Phase for the EMMAs 2019 coming soon

We will soon begin to ask for nominations in each category. We will keep you posted and are already excited about the upcoming event and the after show party.