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Are you interested in taking part in valuable Joint Research about the Future of Multi-Channel Home Shopping?

Digitalisation is a real game-changer. No business stays as it was. In this rapidly changing world, you are all surely asking yourselves what does the next generation of successful business concepts for the Multi-Channel Home Shopping Industry look like?

At ERA Europe's last board meeting in London, we discussed the option of conducting joint research regarding the question of the future of our industry. Currently all companies are trying to resolve this individually but potentially a joint effort would save a lot of time for all companies who would like to be part of such an initiative (which would be a competitive advantage and could save you money).

The intended study would go far beyond the 2017 GOLDMEDIA research, which was more or less a market survey. What we have in mind is to use a futures thinking tool and to have real interaction between participating companies and the agency conducting the research.  

ERA Europe is prepared to be the 'organising platform' for all member companies interested in participating, however the study is not foreseen in the ERA Europe 2019 budget and would have to be jointly financed by participating companies.

The futures thinking model used to create plausible scenarios for the future, (slide courtesy of Diffferent)

The research method: 'Futures Thinking' – What’s in it?

Futures Thinking is a method to gain forward-looking perspectives for today's decisions.
Our strategy agency (diffferent) put together a proposal to use this method to outline scenarios for the future development of Multichannel Home Shopping. Then, based on these scenarios, they will develop ideas for potential business concepts in a co-creative process. The goal is not to predict the future, but rather uncover (unexpected) implications of today's developments. The emphasis is not on what will happen, but what could happen at the BIG PICTURE level. After the research is concluded, the developed scenarios would then enable each individual participating company to work out where their business potentially fits into each scenario/the implications for their individual company and to use this extra foresight to develop individual strategies

Is your company interested in taking part?

We have already approached an experienced strategy agency, Diffferent, with whom some of us have worked successfully before, who are well equipped to take on this project as they already have experience in both the Media and the Multi-Channel Home Shopping Industries. They would be more than happy to explain their method to interested parties as well as to give you a more detailed background on their expertise. If you want to learn more about the agency here is the link to their website

An outline research proposal, commissioned at the suggestion of Members of the ERA Europe Board, was presented during the Annual Membership Meeting at the Bayerische Hof in Munich

How we would like to proceed

At the ERA Europe Membership Meeting there was a presentation of the suggested process for the development and evaluation of potential business concepts for the future and their implications for the present. The presentation created considerable interest but in order to proceed to the next step, we need to know how many/which members would be interested to take part in such a study to know if it is feasible.

As soon as we receive your feedback we will organise the next steps. e.g. a next meeting at a convenient location with all interested members, so that you can dive deeper and get more answers first hand.

If you are interested to learn more, please contact as soon as possible to register your initial interest.