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NEWS: 2019 EMMA Awards ceremony, voting and the EXTRA Cool Aftershow Party Location

EMMA Aftershow Party Location Slideshow

EMMA Awards ceremony

The 2019 EMMA Awards ceremony will take place this year in the spectacular ballroom of the Corinthian Hotel, Budapest on Wednesday 19th June 2019.

2019 EMMA award categories

  • Best Short Form (Original Content) (m)
  • Best Long Form (Original Content) (m)
  • Best Live Show (m)
  • Social Media award (m)
  • Best Presenter (p)
  • Best Innovation (m)
  • Best Supplier (m)
  • Best Distributor (m)
  • CSR (corporate social responsibility) (b)
  • Business Personality of the Year (b)

How are the winners selected?

Most of the categories will be voted for by the member companies (marked above as 'm'). In each category a member company can cast one vote only. The simple majority will decide.

The Best Presenter will be chosen by the People´s Vote (marked as 'p'). This means that every employee of a member company can cast their vote electronically on our website.

If the board finds a CSR project or an outstanding personality in the industry who deserves to be awarded, these categories will be awarded at the board´s discretion (marked as 'b').

PLEASE NOTE: ERA Europe members can vote for their favourite nominees between April 26th - May 27th 2019. Details of how to vote will be sent by mail.

What your EMMA Awards/AfterShow Party ticket includes:

The EMMA Awards/AfterShow Party ticket is included in the price of the 3-day conference attendee ticket but can also be purchased for additional guests or 1-day ticket holders at the price of 99€ per person.

The ticket includes the award ceremony and a 3-course dinner as well as entry to the EXTRA After Show Party in one of the best party locations in Budapest just 5 minutes walk away. (There will also be a shuttlebus service).

Special this year is that the following drinks are included in the ticket:

Water, Softdrinks, Beer, Wine, Vodka, Rum, Whisky, Gin Tonic, Cuba Libre, Mojito, Sex on the Beach, Extra Vodka Soda, Whisky Sour

After Show Party Location: EXTRA BUDAPEST