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ERA Europe: Mr. Jason Kong, we are delighted to welcome you and Shark Shopping as new members of ERA Europe in 2019. Please introduce your company to our members.

Mr. Kong Jiong, President and CEO of Shark Shopping, and President of CITRUSS

Kong Jiong (Jason Kong) currently serves as President of EFIM Investment Co., Ltd., President and CEO of Global Home Shopping Co., LTD, President of Beijing Read TV Infinite Technology Co., Ltd., President and CEO of citrussTV FZ LLC (citrussTV). He is concurrently Director of the China Home Shopping Alliance and Vice President of the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce.

His titles include master, senior editor (official senior), senior economist, EMBA of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, visiting professor of Sichuan University; “four ‘first batch’” talent of the Propaganda Department, member of the National Youth Federation, national advanced workers, national advanced individual in public service advertising, national top 100 theory workers; senior media people, author of the book Media Business Model.

He once served as deputy director of Guizhou TV Station and managing director of China Media Capital(CMC).


Global Home Shopping Co., LTD.
Huitong Times Square, East No.1,
Yaojiayuan South Road,
Chaoyang District,
Beijing, China

Tel: 010-85358000-9333



Kong Jiong: First, let me show you our operation concept. It has been six years since the establishment of Shark Shopping. Over the past six years, we have been committed to creating an ideal life experience for our customers and regard this objective as our mission. This mission originates from my motherland’s development over the past forty years, changing from a weak and poor power in the world to the world’s No. 2 economy. The dramatic development of the economy cannot be separated from the efforts of Chinese citizens, and they surely deserve a better life.

Therefore, as a television shopping enterprise, we have focused on updating lifestyle products. While selling products, we are also selling good family cultures and life concepts. From the perspective of consumption orientation and cognition orientation, we are improving the internal quality of the smallest social unit—family, and promoting harmonious family life. Our target customers are consumers with families who watch TV frequently. Themed on love and warmth, some product business scenarios have been designed. We hope that these products and scenarios can create a bond between couples, and between the older and the younger generation. The warm emotional communication between humans cannot be maintained by money alone, so we have been working hard to improve family culture, enabling consumers to feel more warmth from our services, particularly warming those hearts in need of care. Therefore, our selling activities are human-oriented activities and activities which spread the culture of love.

ERA Europe: Shark Shopping advocates “leading the retail trend via the selection model”. Please tell us more about this business model.

Kong Jiong: We promise consumers “no waste of time, find the best in Shark Shopping.” We always believe in the value of our selection. When materials are rare, to select is to make one’s own choice and to put limited funds in the most needed materials. When the economy is highly developed, people will have a higher quality of life, thus making selection and consulting services ever more important. Time is also a kind of cost and selection requires the input of time. That is the value of our selection.

“No waste of time, find the best in Shark Shopping.” It means that our products are strictly selected by professional buyers from origin countries or regions. Then, we offer the top-class brands, either at home or from abroad, from the best production origins, for our customers. Some of these products are imported; some are authorized for exclusive sales. We are picky about every aspect of our consumers’ life and save consumers the trouble of selecting their favourites from an ocean of disordered information. With Shark Shopping, you can choose quality products more easily.

ERA Europe: Why did you decide to become a member of ERA Europe?

Kong Jiong: With the improvement of China’s national strength, Chinese consumers have a higher requirement of consumption quality. Currently, China is at a stage of consumption upgrade and product upgrade. Following our joining ERA, we will have direct ties with international industry representatives.

We hope that we can open a door for quality products from home and abroad to enter the Chinese market, and that more quality products from the rest of the world can join in our efforts to create a better life for Chinese consumers.

In September 2017, Shark Shopping invested in a 51% share of the shopping channel CitrussTV which is based in Dubai and serves the MENA region.

Shark Shopping has been vigorously promoting its internationalisation strategies. In September 2017, it invested in the Citruss TV shopping channel, covering more than 8 million households of Central, East and South Africa, and radiating its services to a population of around 300 million. Currently, Citruss has become an open, internationalised company made up of employees from 23 countries, including China, France, Belgium, Germany, India, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, etc.

Meanwhile, we have forged a strategic partnership with multiple renowned companies from around the world including Europe, the United States, South Korea, Japan, aswell as other countries and regions. Their products are recommended via Shark Shopping to Chinese consumers, achieving instant success. We will still explore business opportunities along the “Belt & Road” to become a major retail channel of the “Belt & Road”, and to promote two-way circulation of commodities between the Chinese market and the overseas markets.

A Mayfair Cosmetics beauty show on Shark Shopping

Internationalisation strategies are an important link between Shark Shopping’s integrated strategies. We are advocating the concept of “integration and co-existence”, because we believe that joint development is the only way to become stronger. This applies to the relationship between country and country, enterprise and enterprise. At the same time, we have positioned our brand to be “globally selected”, in an attempt to become a bridge for international commodities to enter the Chinese market.

Meanwhile, we will commit ourselves to promoting good partnerships with suppliers, producers and sales platforms in different countries, working with them to explore new product categories, new markets and new-types of business partnership models, and opening the door for more global commodities to enter the Chinese market and the market of Middle East.

ERA Europe: Please give a short description of Shark Shopping including a short history and strength of the company

What a show! Now thats pure glamour!

Kong Jiong: As an enterprise engaged in TV shopping services, we have stepped up our efforts in operations since 2013. Although we started late in China and the same industry worldwide and were ranked low among the TV shopping companies and channels in China, after six years of development, we have already advanced to be one of the top three TV shopping companies in China and, due to entering the market in the Middle East and North Africa via investment, we have become a multinational corporation. We have already passed the re-certification of international certification body BSI's quality management system (ISO9001: 2015)and ISO27001 information security management system certification.

Now, our HD/SD simulcasting star satellite channel “Shark Shopping” covers all parts of China and more than 160 million Chinese families have access to it. Meanwhile, through IPTV, over 20 million households nationwide and over 140 million intelligent large screen/box terminals can receive the channel. As a result, hundreds of millions of users can watch the live broadcast or watch video on demand at any time. Over 800 million Chinese viewers watch our programmes. On the star channel, intelligent large screen network, TV shopping app and video broadcast page, a total of 80+ hours of live content are released daily.

The corporate colour purple and the Shark Shopping shark logo is very distinctive and easily recognisable

Our channel appeals to a large number of potential customers. We own 8 million loyal members and have over 25,000 people interacting with us in depth to subscribe and obtain service support.

By virtue of advantages in media, retail and social, we make use of digital technology and media technology to drive innovation and optimization in retail channels and empower businesses, brands and other businesses to grow with the power of TV shopping. We carry out an international strategy to continue to participate in retail globalization and promote consumption upgrades between retail demand side in China and the brand supply side worldwide.

ERA Europe: What do you think is the growth potential of TV shopping in China? Do you have a vision for the future of the industry?

Shark Shopping logistics and impressive warehousing

Kong Jiong: In recent years, Chinese TV media, though sharing some viewers with other new media, still dominate the market with its absolute value and quantity.

According to the data analysis of China's first three quarters of 2018, the TV viewers over 4 years old reached 1.287 billion people with per capita TV viewing duration of 251 minutes. It is still a giant traffic entrance.

In my opinion, the change in technology actually opens up more opportunities for TV media as it allows us to have more ways to reach consumers. During the process of Internet technology and media terminals evolution, TV turns into a broader concept. Under the trend of all-media convergence, TV will evolve into a newer “TV” and give play to a greater value.

Currently, China is vigorously advancing the development of 5G and the application scale of the internet also ranks first worldwide.

Big data cloud system digs into the application and accurately analyses the consumption behaviour of the massive client base to make it possible for the fast response of product information. On this basis, we can use the big data platform to link with the factory and allow the market and customer demand to guide production. Benefitting from advanced technology, TV shopping companies are more likely to grow into good media and trusted channels connecting the supply side and consumption side.

During the past two years, Shark Shopping has developed fast in channels such as Internet TV and mobile TV, especially the launch of the Shark Shopping Cloud System. We independently developed the system last year and possess all intellectual property rights. This is an important milestone for the company's development and lays the foundation for development of more new business lines.

ERA Europe: So Mr. Kong, what would you most like to share with our ERA members in Europe?

Jason Kong welcomes suppliers to bring quality products to China and enter into a new strategic partnership with his company.

Kong Jiong: I want to say this: In the East, there is a country of an ancient civilization opening up its door of friendship and offering a consumer market with extensive, and quality, products. It’s the place where Shark Shopping, the excellent retail channel, came into being. We welcome suppliers to bring quality products to China and enter into a new strategic partnership with us, sharing risks and developing together. We expect good returns from good products and expect a better life from good products.