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Invitation to Submit Questions for the Panel 2.0 on the State of the Global Industry at the Budapest Conference

The same panel that met in Seville to discuss the State of the Global Industry will reconvene on Tuesday 18th June 2019 in Budapest

It has now been almost a year since we learned that ERA (U.S.) ceased operations with immediate effect. Two and half weeks before the European 2018 summer conference we were all taken by surprise by their email which announced the end of an institution, leaving us uncertain about how the global structure of the industry would change and if our global community would stay together.

At the 2018 Seville conference, as a first joint response, an industry panel representing all regions of our industry discussed what happened, and more importantly, how the community could respond to the challenge. The panel consisted of: Andrew Malcher, HighstreetTV, (UK), Dieter Schneider, MediaShop, (Austria), Alex Chacon, EHS, (Spain), Jonathan Gregory, Oaklawn, (Japan), Katie Wiliams, Ideal Living, (U.S.), and Fernando Mercenari, Inova, (Mexico). The panel discussion was moderated by Ken Daly, JML, (UK) and came to the conclusion that maintaining the global industry community was crucial for the industry as a whole.

With the back up of its board of directors, ERA Europe was asked to do whatever it takes to ensure the continuity of the global community, while all companies present committed to being in Las Vegas on the originally communicated dates of the formerly planned ERA (U.S.) D2C convention.

Since this initial panel discussion, the PDMI has been founded; they organised a convention in Las Vegas as well as in Miami. In March 2019, PDMI and ERA Europe entered into a partnership agreement and ERA Europe is in transformation from a European to a global association.

On Tuesday 18th June 2019 at 1p.m., the same panel as last year will again come together to revisit and review the current state of the industry and the changes that have taken place since ERA (U.S.) ceased operations almost 12 months ago.

Attention ERA Members

We hereby invite all our members to send in potential questions for the panellists, so that we can sort them by relevance. Please send your questions by the end of May 2019 to: