The Electronic Retailing Association

Self Regulation

ERA Europe believes that consumer confidence is key to the continued growth and success of the electronic retailing industry. In 2005 we therefore established our self regulation program to encourage fair, ethical, and responsible marketing practices that promote consumer confidence in electronic retailing.

ERA Europe's Self Regulation Charter is a minimum set of standards that the association expects its members to sign and adhere to. These standards do not supersede or replace national regulations that are applicable in the markets where members operate. Their objective is to help member companies assess if they are conducting business with their consumers in a responsible way, from the commercial communication stage to the back-end phase of the transaction.

Since its inception, the self regulation program has grown in stature and activity, leading to increased consumer confidence in electronic retailing and distance selling, and upholding the integrity of the European electronic retailing industry.

ERA Europe's Self Regulation Committee (SRC)

It is the SRC's objective that our Self Regulation Charter becomes the recognised European self regulation program, addressing the specific characteristics of the direct response electronic retailing industry.

how are they doing this?

how are they doing this?

how are they doing this?

The Self Regulation Committee is made up of the following members:

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Staff : Self Regulation Officer of ERA EUROPE :

Klaus Parchent – Rechtsanwalt (Attorney at Law) -

Tel: +49 211 302158-00

Committee Mission

  • Monitor the implementation and administration of the ERA Europe Self-Regulation Programme.
  • Be a resource to members for the understanding of the programme objectives to promote a positive image of our industry, through a clear and minimal set of Marketing and Consumer Relation Standards
  • As a Consumer Partner, to offer alternative channels for accessing and buying products and services
  • As a legitimate product retailer, helping manufacturers, small and large to reach confident consumers

MEET Klaus Parchent : January 2013 Nomination Interview