The Electronic Retailing Association

Government Affairs

The role of ERA Europe's Government Affairs and Legal Committee (GALC) is to position ERA Europe as the “European Electronic Retailing” representative organisation and specialist in all government matters that affect the electronic retailing industry in Europe. 

The GALC therefore provides all of ERA Europe´s members with the opportunity to be represented at the decision making level of the European Commission, on all matters relating to

  • audio visual policies, laws and regulations
  • consumer protection policies, laws and regulations.

In order to have a positive influence on all government matters which impact our industry, it is the task of ERA Europe's GALC to nuture and strengthen our already well established relationships with:

  • the EU commissioner and staff who are in charge of audio visual or consumer policies, as well as
  • MPs and MP groups influencing audio visual or consumer relations laws and regulations at the European Parliament. 

ERA Europe´s Government Affairs and Legal Committee

ERA Europe's current Government Affairs and Legal Committe consists of the following members:

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Current issues


Case studies

1. Policies and regulations

ERA Europe's GALC has helped shape the following policies and regulations passed by the European Parliament:
  • AudioVisual Media Services Directive

    2004-2005 ERA EUROPE participated in all phases and consultations conducted by the European Commission in the course of the revision of the Television Without Frontier Directive. In a keynote speech the then Commissioner, Viviane Reding, gave credit to the industry for the positive contribution ERA EUROPE had provided to the initial debate and consultation.

  • The Consumer Acquis and Distance Selling Directive

    In 2007 ERA Europe's GALC opened the dialogue with the Cabinet for the Commissioner in charge of Consumer Affairs, to discuss the revision of the Consumer Acquis and the Distance Selling Directive.

    ERA Europe was asked to submit a response to the green paper on the Consumer Acquis Revision. We found the communication of Mrs Kuneva, the then Commissioner of Consumer Affairs, to the IMCO committee of the Parliament very encouraging.

2. European Commissioner of Consumer Affairs opens ERA's Electronic Homeshopping Forum in Monte Carlo

June 16 to 18, 2007 Mrs Meglena Kuneva honoured us by her presence and active participation the 2007 ERA European Forum and Conference, together with member of her cabinet, Cristina Castagnoli, Ignasi Gardans Cambo (MEP) and Christophe Forax (representing Commssioner Viviane Reding) .

3. ...