The Electronic Retailing Association

Protecting the Consumer


The ERA is committed to empowering and protecting the consumer. The Electronic Retailing Association represents the business needs of retailers who sell directly to the consumer through all forms of electronic media. As such, the Electronic Retailing Association encourages fair, ethical and responsible business practices that will promote consumer confidence in electronic retailing.

ERA takes its responsibility to act within the best interests of its customers very seriously. This is why we have created a set of standards and implemented a number of measures designed to protect the consumer and ensure that these standards are maintained by companies which are ERA members in good standing.

ERA Europe's Consumer Protection and Self Regulation Program is designed to protect you, the consumer, from misleading advertising claims and from dishonest or immoral acts during the entire retailing process.

Consumers can shop with full confidence when they see the above logo, which only ERA members in good standing, are permitted to use. If you experience a difficulty with one of our members you can contact Sabine Christmann, our Self Regulation Officer directly at

Visit our website to understand your rights as a consumer; find out about European best practices and retailers obligations on shipping, payments, returns and all phases of your purchase.

You can also obtain information through Consumer Protection organizations in your country.