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Upwardly Mobile

By Ian P. Murphy

Smart Phones are revolutionizing the way consumers shop for products, and marketers must deliver sites and content that make the channel effortless to use.

Friday Forecast: Principles of Influence Part 1: The Power of Liking

By Rick Petry

“Liking” is a powerful motivator when it comes to transacting business – and life. In the simplest terms, people do business with people they like.

Friday Forecast: VisionWorx CEO Nancy Duitch Reveals 5 Fast Takeaways From a Lifetime of Learning

By Rick Petry

This is the first of an occasional series featuring direct marketing leaders who will share five key insights they have learned from their career in marketing and advertising.

66 Percent of Americans Oppose the Internet Sales Tax

By Bill McClellan

In a recently released national telephone and online survey, Rasmussen Reports found that 66 percent of American adults oppose a sales tax in their state of items they have purchased online, even if the store they buy them from is not in their state.

Trump’s Data Breach Dilemma

By Bill McClellan

Entitled “Equifax’s Seismic Breach Tests Trump’s Pledge to Dismantle Rules,” this article points out an important dilemma facing the Trump Administration with potential ramifications for direct response marketers.

Running Down Amazon’s New Return Policy & Why It’s Not the Disaster Retailers Expect

By Monica Eaton-Cardone

Amazon Marketplace sellers are in an uproar over the retail giant’s return policy. Some are going as far as to claim that new rules, which take effect October 2, will “crush” small businesses and force them out of the market.

What Does The Internet Have To Do With It? EVERYTHING

By Arielle Jessel

The internet has completely reshaped not just the ways we socialize, but also how we do business, which, for advertisers, is huge.