The Electronic Retailing Association

Committee Bulletin Self-Regulation: Changes, Improvements and New Members

The ERA Europe's consumer seal of confidence guarantees the customer a high standard which is a USP for all ERA members.

2017 has been a remarkable and successful year for our Self Regulation Programme. We have paved the way for a more efficient and modern Self-Regulation procedure by adjusting the application process for new members.

In a next step we will update our seal process: Where in the past our members had to ask and sign a license agreement on the use of the seal, they will in future be able to download both directly from our website. By using the seal the member will automatically agree to the terms set out in the license agreement. Reflecting the marketing interests of our members, the new standard license agreement will allow the use of the seal not only on internet but also on all consumer communication. This will ensure also a wider market acceptance and visibility of our programme and our seal in future.

We are in the last phase of finalising the license agreement and adjusting our Self-Regulation charter to the new procedures as it has been approved by the board. After having reviewed both the license agreement and our charter, we will send a letter to our members informing them about the changes. The website of ERA will be updated as well.

New ERA self-regulation website for the Polish market

In Q4 / 2017 we also have launched the ERA self-regulation website for the Polish market ensuring an even wider market reach of our programme and our seal and therefore implementing another of our goals agreed at the beginning of the year at the annual ERA Membership Meeting in Prague.

Limited complaints in 2017

Only a very limited number of complaints were submitted to the Self-Regulation Officer in 2017 (3 cases), and all of them could be solved without any further issues or disputes.

New Members in Q4 / 2017

In Q4 / 2017 we have welcomed two new members (TVO and Citrus TV) both already applying to ERA under the newly implemented Self-Regulation procedure as every member has done by renewing its membership for 2018.

Join the Self-Regulation Committee in 2018

All interested members are more than welcome to join the ERA Europe Self-Regulation Committee which meets twice each year: once during the Membership Meeting and again during the ERA Europe Conference.


Sabine Christmann LL.M. (LSE)

ERA Europe's independent Self-Regulation Officer