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Industry News C. & E. Europe: Studio Moderna taking a new step with Walkmaxx



Selling shoes as a DRTV product is not a new idea, but selling a brand of shoes through DRTV as a drive to other sales channels is quite unique in the industry and Studio Moderna has undoubtedly mastered it in the past seven years. Walkmaxx shoes known for its rounded sole that brings ultimate comfort has the most loyal customers (the average customer has 3 pairs at home already) and the NPS score of 66 (Zappos has 64, Nike 30 and Adidas 27!). Four main lines of shoes are being offered. Besides year round models seasonal models are also introduced twice a year – spring/summer and fall/winter. We would like to bring the brand closer to younger generations, but were questioning, how to present them in a fun, engaging, targeting, different way, to be noticed in a mass of events, campaigns and fashion shows.

The Flash mob, done our way, ticked all our boxes. Our Croatian team decided to work together with well known dance group to work on choreography to present the Fall/Winter Walkmaxx line of shoes. The famous Croatian design team ELFS was asked to join and they designed T Shirts that present the spirit of Walkmaxx.

Flashmob: The dancers from the Atomic Dance Factory Group show what it feels like to wear Walkmaxx shoes

After months of work the first Flash mob in Croatia took place on Saturday 16th September at the most crowded crossing in the center of Zagreb with the dancers from the Atomic Dance Factory Group who showed what it feels like to wear Walkmaxx shoes. We wanted to keep the drivers waiting in their cars amused and happy, so doughnuts with the symbolic message:”Walkmaxx – Sin with sweets, save with steps!” were given to them.

As this was the first Flash mob event in Croatia it got a good amount of PR with all the important online and offline media (PR in a value of more than 500.000 kn (more than 70.000€). The PR articles were also published on our partner’s sites and in TV news.

To boost the Walkmaxx and ELFS collaboration further, as a follow up to the event, we organised a prize game, for a chance to win the presented T-shirts. The response was amazing; we got more than 1.000 applications (we’re talking about Croatia and a first such event!).

The new collection raised very high interest not only among Croatian celebrities who were invited to the event but also among our customers, so we are finishing another record breaking year.